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Onyx was darkness.

Or rather, Onyx had the potential to be dark - she was a blinding contrast to the purity of Opal, she was living proof that opposites attract.

Onyx was as much a part of Opal, as Opal was a shade in her - they were entwined in a way that few could comprehend, and that nothing on this earth could separate. Forever held captive in a toxic dance; they ruined each other has much as they moulded each other - always rebuilding what they had torn apart.

Onyx was dark shades -of light shades she had very few - although this was not a true testament to her nature. She was confusing and querulous, always depicting herself as a victim - she was unrelenting in her quest for attention.

Her soul consisted of dark purples, showing her sense of self worth; the very thing that made her seek approval. She aimed to increase her saturation, and create dimension she did not yet possess; she did this to polish her rusting self image.

Mixed into the purples, one could always find blues - the midnight and sapphire close to that of the abyss. The blues spoke of her intelligence, hidden behind false tears and pretty smiles; an intelligence darkened by her desire to always be right.

Onyx was manipulative, she was skilled in her deceptions, she had a fallacious sense of entitlement. For reasons unknown she craved affection, she painted all others in the colours of a villian. And just as Onyx seems to absorb all other pigments, she too drained all those around her. Onyx was an enigma, another mystery to contemplate - and yet beneath her surface there was more than what you’d expect.

At the core of her being, Onyx was fractured. She was broken by the actions of others. Her own self love had been ripped apart, leaving her with an innate feeling of inadequacy. Few saw these fractures, but I knew they were there; and this knowledge helped me justify Onyx’s actions.

She seeked approval, validation and affection because of a deficit all her life. She was deeply insecure and afraid of being alone; and that caused her to manipulate others. Unbeknownst to her, I saw through her alledged darkness, and thus I chose to protect her from the world. I sacrificed myself, volunteered as her punching bag, all because I didn’t want her to become more hurt.

Onyx was darkness to everyone who didn’t understand her, and that was an injustice in and of itself. Onyx was dangerous, avoided and shunned, all because no one had her figured out.

Onyx was Opal, just broken and bruised, she was clouded by the pain life had dealt her. Opal was Onyx, and that’s why they were said to be soul mates - because only Opal had the patience to polish her. They balanced each other in a unique form of yin and yang; the world in total balance.

Through watching their love I learnt the meaning of passion; I learnt what it meant to value a life before your own. I watched Onyx damage Opal, I watched them sway back and forth; trying to find their own identities within one another. I watched Opal bend and break to continually save Onyx, and a part of me knew they were inevitably doomed.

And ultimately Onyx taught me that sometimes the stars do not align, and that is not considered a fault of you nor I. Sometimes we can love with a fire that burns us, we love in a way that consumes everything in us; and yet fires can burn out; even those that burn most fiercely, as life is foreordained to the second.

As much as Opal was Onyx, they were too in love to ever work, because as a unit they had no sense of division. As much as Onyx was Opal, I knew they were only going to fail; because Onyx drained Opal of his worth.

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