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Looking back, it’s clear that Indigo, Grey and Opal made me who and what I am today. It was these three pigments that shaped me, bleeding together to form a unique colour like none ever seen before. However, there were more lessons learnt before and after these three colours. Grey, Indigo and Opal were but a taste of the true rainbow my life would come in contact with. Yet, regardless of the endless variety of shades available to me, it was in Indigo, Grey and Opal that I found my home.

In the years of my youth, when I was still finding my feet, Daffodil became more prominent. It was at this point of my life when the colours started to fade; and I started to lose the vibrance within me. I was overcome by Grey and his careful indifference, his ability to sit in the middle of any kind of decision - it was then Grey started to creep into my soul; and I started to lose the pigments that once made me whole.

It was during this period, that Daffodil shone brighter; she became the sun personified. She brought with her a contagious optimism that seemed to replace my sense of monotone.

In her she had whites, golds, and yellows, the first soul to ever truly glow. She came after Grey and yet before Opal, preparing me for the home that I would soon know. Her whites were unique, in the sense that few had this tone - few had such a pure absence of colour. It symbolised her innocence, the rare purity she possessed - unlike Opal, Daffodil would not let herself be tainted. She looked to the brighter side, always, she had hope, she taught me the meaning of friendship and became a sister, a joint soul.

Her yellows came in every shade, shades of canary, lemon, and chartreuse highlighting the different elements of her personality. Chartreuse depicted her spontaneity, her spunk and her life - chartreuse was for the child within her. Daffodil was luminescent, but in a way that was different to Opal - rather she was neon, her soul more saturated than others. She was loud, and beautiful in the way she affected those around her - the canary she exuded infectious and virulent. She knew your deepest secrets with just one gaze into your eyes - Daffodil was my sunshine when the darkness tried to capture my mind.

But even Daffodil had her strifes, her troubles she wouldn’t express - and it showed in the metallic appearance of her golden silhouette. Daffodil was light, but even purity casts a shadow; and her shadow was invisible to those who never looked into her glow.

Daffodil was different to most souls I came to know; she had a deeper understanding of what life meant than most. She knew her worth and the worth of the items and beings around her - and thus she had a firmer grasp on the concept of carnality. Daffodil stood out, her thinking unique in its layout - and sometimes this filled her with doubt. She had a worldly perception that others didn’t possess and that left her feeling sometimes inadequate.

Daffodil was human, she had her faults and her sins, and yet it was so easy to place her on a pedestal. Daffodil was a soul that was constantly learning, and it was for that reason I paid her special attention.

Daffodil taught me the meaning of privilege and views, she showed me that the world is more than what I was taught through books and school. She taught me to be grateful for even the smallest of smiles; because Daffodil understood where to find true value in life.

Daffodil taught me that money is only a number on a page; it in no way decrees your level of happiness - she taught me to give; to listen and to observe. She washed away the grey that I was becoming.

Indigo may be the most predominant colour in me; but Daffodil made the largest impact - where Opal became an extension of me; Daffodil became the structure that helped me stand up.

Daffodil was magnificent, supernatural in her essence.She was an old soul, an earth child, she was a blessing. Daffodil appeared when I needed her the most; she taught me how to find my inner sunshine themed glow.

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