Four-Wheeled Metallic

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In a metallic box. Two soul's first meet. Two soul's afraid to greet. Sit beside someone you do not know. As that metallic box dance vigorously. You sit there and stare. How fear stops you from talking. Where one word can change everything Meet Him. Meet Her. Him & Her.

Other / Romance
J.N Williams
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"I want Someone who’s comically entertaining."

Was sitted in between two individual souls. Each, actioning their everyday activity. Be it, playing games on the phone, or rummaging through an old sentimental text.

Was driven in her music, as she swayed lightly. Her fingers tapping in rythm. She was in her zen. The space she contemplated -rountined.

Jerked forward, as the bus came to an immediate unwarning stop. The foreign being, sat beside her cursed. Her old fashioned chattering box, flown to the ground.

Gaped at the front, scanning the scene for such reasons for the driver to be so happy-go-lucky. But that one particularly eye-alluring being. Brown hair, yellowish sunset orbes and svelted young male, caught her brimming attention.

It was an instantaneous attraction.

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