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"I don't want you to be gentle, I want it rough... you just need to fuck me right" Inspired by: Ghosted - Get Some What you want you will get!

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His body was burning up, but he was also feeling cold, the shivers were getting worse by the minute, maybe it was a bad fever and not his worst fear. It couldn't be happening now after all he was sure that it wasn't that time of year right, he looks at the calendar at the corner of his room and then cursed.

"Shit, this can't be real, didn't I put a reminder an my stupid phone" then he remember that his phone was broken because of last night, that why he thought he was getting a fever, for drinking too much, but who was he kidding he knew too well that he was going through his third heat this month and it just didn't make sense it was too many for a month was he a freaking omega or whatnot that he had anything against omegas but they went through heat like it was water and he hated to see how but that affected their life and he kinda understood now since he was trying his best not to scream out in pain, it hurt even to breath, if he didn't do something soon he was going to do something stupid like fuck whoever his stupid lustfull body needed and wanted.

However he couldn't move, just moving his head earlier to check the calendar he felt nauseous, he couldn't imagine what he would feel if he even wanted to stand up, at that moment where he was debating what to do he heard a knock on the door but before that he could smell it, wood pine and forest, fuck, His cock was hard in his boxer shorts; with one hand, he took it out and pressed himself against the bed, he didn't know what he was doing but his body sure did, he heard a growl from the door.

"Fuck Jacob open this door before I break it open" came a husky voice filled with lust

That didn't help jacobs condition, The head of his penis tingled unbearably; it was hot and swollen, a drop forming at the tip.

"I-i cant. Please" Jacob begged not to know now what he was begging for until the door burst open.

There he was in all his glory, jacobs body shooked, the smell became too strong that Jacob grunted at it.

He was seeing red, his wolf was at full control he could do nothing to stop what happen next. He started stroking himself in front of the person he least expected to be in his room looking at him with red eyes, it seemed that he wasn't the only one that lost control.

He felt a sharp pain in his stomach with each step that Henry to toward his bed where he laid stroking himself but it was not helping with the pain.

Another sharp pain. "Fuck"

This shit would drive him mad since Henry was taking his time approaching him

So he said what his body was begging for.

"I don't want you to be gentle, I want it just need to fuck me right" he couldn't take it anymore he was going to burst very soon, he probably did with what he heard next.

"Is the last thing I would do with you is be gentle," he said just as he grabbed by his waist and flip him around.

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