Sick & Weak With Blood & Claws

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Good girl. I'll be back. I love you. I wuv you to Daddy! She said and watched him embrace momma before leaving. He would never come back. Audrey Riley is a sweet and gentle girl with dark beautiful chocolate skin and blue eyes. but she's sick. she's sixteen and diagnosed with lung cancer. she needs a transplant, but isn't on the list and doesn't wish to live. living alone without her family because of traumatic circumstances makes you different. makes you wish for death. with her family being the hospital staff because of the government refusing to adopt her unless she lives, so she is stuck living in the hospital, enduring the treatment alone. but, something happens. something horrible and life changing ever. she shifts. Shifting weak, she almost died but was saved by a gorgeous man with sparks every time he touched her. but he rejects her and she doesn't understand. he marks and mates with another. she lived somehow, suddenly eager to live by a loving family who is friends with him. but, with all that happened, she may not get the chance to live. will she die? will she get a home to be loved again? will he regret his decision before it's too late? will she ever get an ending to her happily ever after, or will it end tragically? See how it turns out when a Sick & Weak girl meet Blood & Claws of an Alpha.

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It's on Wattpad. First chapter.

Song is Gone Too Soon by Simple Man. picture is about her dad.

Loving a military man is not hard.

the distance is hard, the worry is hard, the sacrifices are hard.

but loving him...that's the easiest thing I've ever done-unknown.

The little girl with black braids fanning around her chocolate skin and blue eyes, her smile full of happiness as she descended down the stairs wobbly to find her mother.

She hoped daddy came home, her five year old feet rushing to the door as fast as she could since she would get breathing problems and horrible dizzy spells and chest pain.

Her mother was crying from the living room and she froze, her fear pelting in her, as she thought her mom needed a toy so she won't feel as lonely. She rushes back upstairs, the toy she had in mind perfect. It was from daddy.

She snatches it from her pink princess bed, her room decorated in Elsa and different princesses she loved, but the toy had a vest on it and was in green tree like color and the color of a beautiful black puppy.

She loved it and named him Mr. Tickles, her dad giving it to her to remember him by while he is gone. Daddy is a hero. She sang as he left in his green tree like outfit and hat with a duffel bag in hand, mom's tears and his telling her to make them happy by singing.

Daddy smiled and hunkered down to look at her, his blue eyes identical to hers and his brown hair was shaved so it didn't fall around his ebony skin like it once did, his tears making her frown. She touched his face and sang, what wong Daddy? He smiled.

Nothing angel. I have to go for a while to save our country. He explained gently, his fear of not seeing her grow up or even be gone from her for as long as he was going to be scaring him.

But he signed up. To help his country like his brother did that died eight months ago in Iraq from a landmine.

He may be a little too old for the military, considering he is 34, but because of what he is and his rank, along with someone's permission, he was in.

Worst mistake of his life. Her eyes widened and she gaped in shock and awe at her idol. Her hero.

You a hero Dadda? She asked him. He smiled. Yes. Baby. a hero. His eyes glowed yellow and she gasped. You are one!!

she giggled in joy at being in a fairy-tale world. He laughed. Honey. Don't tell no one about my eyes.

She frowned at him and it took his soul, her eyes making his heart and wolf sigh.

The mother stood next to them, her smile at their moment filled with pain and fear.

She didn't want to be left without him. Alone. Without her daughter growing fatherless. Without his smile, his laugh, his love, his thoughts, his emotions, his kisses... She didn't want her and her baby to be left alone.

Why not? She whined. He smiled. Because Audrey, I need to stay hidden and keep it a secret. All heroes have secret identities, remember? Her daddy said with his stern yet gentle look.

Her oh face made him chuckle, his shoulders trembling from the sobs that wanted to escape his throat. She nodded vigorously. Otay! She sang. He smiled. Good girl. I'll be back. I love you.

I wuv you to Dadda! She said and watched him embrace momma before leaving. He would never come back.

She stepped up to her mother, the memory fading from her mind, the toy in hand, her mother's red rimmed eyes and pained face making the daughter tremble with tears.

She hated seeing momma like this. What wrong momma? She asked, placing her toy next to momma's hand on her lap, her mother noticing the gesture and smiled lovingly at her babygirl.

The girl didn't feel the bond her mother felt, the pain making her fear for her husband and love of her life.

I'm just missing your Daddy. She explained. The girl brightened at the mention of him. Me to. She agreed.

Momma cuddled Mr. Tickles to her after thanking Audrey, their daughter, the scent of her husband lingering on the toy. This day would change them forever.

The mother, had, right next to her, a letter from the hospital. Indicating she had stage 3 Lung Cancer.

The mother hugged her Audrey when she heard a knock on the front door. She looked that way, worry and dread in her heart. Something was wrong.

She walked that way, the toy still in hand and her daughter trailing after her, and swung open the door to a soldier in uniform, with a stone expression filled with pain and pity in his eyes. She collapsed in tears.

The soldier saluted her. I'm so sorry mam. But your husband, Private Arthur Riley was killed along with half of his captain's squad when overrun by the enemy.

They gave their lives to save the children in the orphanage near their location in Iraq. He explained, wanting to tell her he was a hero. He was one of the five who lived. He wishes he hadn't. Now the little girl and mother will be without the father.

The mother wrapped her arms around the child who was confused as to why everyone was sad, the woman now afraid of leaving her child an orphan and what to do with her life and their future. Too bad something far worse had to happen.

The Funeral

Momma made me dress up nice and in black. I don't know why. She won't tell me. She was dressed like it to. I asked if Daddy would make it.

She looked so sad and said, baby, don't worry. If he isn't there, he is watching from heaven. A superhero, remember? I was happy. My hero. He'd watch. I know it.

Momma was crying now. I was confused and very sad. We had a visit thingy happen. It was with many people I didn't know. Many white skin colored people were here to. I was scared.

Momma wouldn't let me see what was in the coffin. I wanted to see the surprise.

People kept telling momma sorry and was nice and said sorry to me to. I guess they know my hero is still saving the world. I miss my hero. He always loved making me laugh. Making me cry with happiness.

Momma always smiled with him unless he accidentally made me cry. They yelled at each other that night but it was so scary I screamed and cried for them to stop. They did for me.

Daddy giving me piggy back rides and braiding my hair while Momma laughed and said he did it terribly. Daddy wearing pink for me and let me do makeup on him. He even went to work like dat for me! Daddy is the best!

I tugged on my momma's sleeve. She stared at me sadly. For some reason, she said on the thingy she talks into she paid it all and left her broke last night after I ate all my mac and cheese.

I don't know why she won't let me see the surprise that makes people sad if she paid for it. I guess not to make me cry. I don't want to cry.

Afterwards, we followed a big black car to a place full of names on stones. I asked momma to let me have one with my name on one.

She looked so horrified and sad. I felt bad for asking. she told me that I will when I'm old and feeble. I don't want to wait that long.

We then watched them lower the surprise into the ground. I didn't understand what they were saying really.

These men with Daddy's outfits came over after firing loud noises into the air that hurt my ears with a flag.

They gave it to me. I gave it to momma to hug. She did and pulled me weakly into her lap and cried on my shoulder.

Why is Momma weak? She's strong! Daddy will save her and help us. He will. Whenever he comes home. I miss my hero. I hope he doesn't leave me cause he don't want us anymore.

Play Song

A Year Later

I sat at the hospital bed in my own room, waiting for the nice man in a white lab coat that did some tests that hurt me to stop the pain, labored breathing, and dizziness that was bad and scary until my mom took me here.

She was skinnier, and more sickly. Her hair I loved playing with is almost gone.

That made me sad she shaved it. She must want to be like Daddy to. Maybe I should shave my head?

Momma puked and cried at night. I made her chicken soupy with noodles that made her smile. She always shared with me.

She always went to the hospital and work while I was at this place for kids like me. It was nice. No one was mean to me.

Momma was on the phone, the video she playing was a sad song. Makes me cry. (video is song above). Daddy been gone too long. Where is Daddy? Did he not love us? He mad at me for not telling momma until later that I peed the bed? Where my hero?

The middle aged almost older Momma age looking man appeared from down the hallway with papers and I squealed with delight. I liked this man. He smiled at me.

I call him Doc Fluffy since his dark grey hair is super fluffy looking. My Momma smiled. Come with me. He said.

I grabbed Momma's hand and followed her in. She sat at the chair and Doc Fluffy gave me a candy bar. It was chocolate.

I thanked him and began eating as he took Momma to talk. That nice. He like Daddy. I listened to their conversation though.

Miranda, I'm sorry. Your daughter has what you have. Lung Cancer but hers is stage 2. Momma looked like she wanted to cry. I wanted to hug her, but interrupting is mean.

What you mean she has what I have? that's impossible! Daniel's gene shouldn't let her have this! momma said. She said Daddy's name. That made me smile. Doc Fluffy shook his head.

Miranda, your a witch that is dying. she has your dying gene, your witch gene, and his gene with his wolf. you know she's a half... I zoned out. Of course Momma is a human, not a woof thingy!

I gasped in my head. He knows Daddy is a superhero! But I can't tell him I know! Super duper top secret!

How rare? My rare? Momma asked. Doc shook his head. No. If she had a mate..? Or lived until then Miranda. She's got a chance to reach the age of 80.

Like you. Momma shook her head. I'll give my life for her. I can't afford both of us. She said. I was confused but listened again.

I'll help you. Doc Fluffy said. Momma smiled. Thanks. She said. But you have your family.

Your family to. I owe you for my daughter! Doc said. Momma looked at me with tears in her eyes. I want her to experience everything. She said with a trembling voice.

The rest faded away again, the kiss she felt on her cheek making her smile. Daddy.

They came over and Momma hugged me as tightly as she could. Doc Fluffy looked so sad. I went over after Momma let me go and hugged him.

There! you better! I sang. He smiled and laughed along with Momma. I smiled hugely, my teefies showing off how whitey they looked. I knew it would work. Daddy said it always made anyone feel better.

Momma thanked Doc Fluffy and I waved and thanked him to after he thanked me for making him feel better.

Momma led me out and did something to papers. I didn't know she was signing me up for treatment the next day.

That day that would be traumatizing. the day I screamed for my hero to save me like he said, no, and promised he would! The day I needed him. The day he didn't show like heroes do when in danger. The day Momma comforted me and I cried. The day I understood one thing. Daddy wasn't coming back.

Hope you like it. It was so sad, huh? I got super emotional when writing this. Next up I'm showing you some pictures of the family and the doc. hope you enjoy and please like and comment. Just a new story I'm working on along with many others lol. See you in the next chapter!!

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