Things That Could've Been: What About Arlene?

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Written in tribute to 1 who took their life too soon wanted to write something that would've made Arlene smile.. Most of us had a core group of friends Most of us know ones who lost their lives too soon Most of us wish we could've done more them A dozen years after her demise my mind became overwhelmed with thoughts of her. Reaching out to old friends about her got little response. One day I was driven to write something for Arlene. Sitting at the computer early one morning began poking keys and thinking. A dozen hours later had typed out a basic story outline where I pick up a timeline from when we both last met. Where instead of saying good bye forever I offer a ride home. Missing out on a dozen years of her memories to contribute to the story decided to contribute my own memories as we both suffered from depression and drug use. To make the tale most entertaining included my old dog Sheena and the shack where I lived at the time. There many odd things happened and decided to embellish and exaggerate on the events. In the end I offer Arlene a ride home but end up offering her a new home.

Other / Drama
R Allen Lancaster
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Chapter #1 Things That Could've Been: What About Arlene?

In a tribute to Arlene Hooper wrote something to make her smile

By R.A.Lancaster 2019

Traveling South Western Ontario, taking care of Dental equipment gave much time to think.

Back in the teen years, and still can be, was clueless to subtle signs of interest from women.

Right in front of me then were four young ladies that should’ve given better attention. Out of the four Arlene always had my attention first.

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