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A few scenes and stories about multiple characters of mine, mostly demon related. There would probably be an occasional gore scene. The occasional inspiration spike hits anyone, this book contains the small fragments that cannot make a full story, but a scene or three with significant meaning. The cast in most of those would consist of my own characters, demons, humans, and everything in between! They'd range a bit in genre, it's why it's in the genre "Other"

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Number One: The Emotionless One

Surrounded by darkness and silence she stood alone in that cave, a rather short female humming a lullaby, a dark one she likes due to the impressions that it left.

“London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down,”

The cave was not entirely dark, crystals of different colors and glowing levels were all around her, and in between the crystals and rocks there were flowery vines and weird plants that seemed to feed off the crystal light. It was underground, but the small place looked like a small garden of glowing crystals and flowers.

“London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady.”

She hovered a pale hand over a small red crystal, it glowed brightly as a crackling noise was heard and it started growing in size. She didn’t have a hint of an expression as she did it, she could see her own reflection on the crystal and the soon enough, she can even see the tear markings on her cheeks.

“Oh how ironic.”

She placed her hand over her cheeks and on the markings, looking at the reflection with a bothered frown. Although she looked for a few moments, her reflection was suddenly disrupted by an extremely distressed face of a woman that looked like it was screaming, but no voice came out.

“Right, that.”

As she looks away, she can sense all those presences around her, not dead or alive, souls that she’s stuck into those crystals to do her bidding. They were all attempting to reach out into the material world, screaming in either rage or crying out loudly in sorrow, in voices that nobody would hear apart from the demoness that had bound their souls. All what physically came out was ringing like that of wind bells from the loudest of those cries, and yet she didn’t seem to care one bit as she walked over to the pond in the middle of the crystal garden to look at herself again.
“Cry all you want, you’re the ones who dragged your own souls into this damnation.”

The voices went silent as she looked into the clear waters, she can see her own eyes tinted in light crimson, and really failing to show anything, cold as ever.

“You’ve outdone yourself, Shade.”

She had had a small sharp toothed smile of pride as she said it.

“Mortals are as easy of a power source as you expected them to be,”
She started, before placing a hand on a violet purple crystal that stood out with its distinctive red veins, it flickered light at her touch, but seemed to contain a much calmer soul than the rest.

“Except for you, you’re different from them.”

Although cold overall, she cracked a sad smile as she looked at the crystal again, as if the calm soul inside can hear her.

“You just had to be the kind determined bitch you always were, didn’t you?”

She then sighed and sat down, looking at her reflection again as she rested her head in her hands, the begging souls starting to groan again, and the purple one calmly pulsing with light, almost soothing the demoness.

“You were under my spell, you knew you were. And yet you still did it.”
She looked at the crystal with an amused chuckle. Although smiling, she was sad to say the least.
“You knew I was leeching off your energy and yet still did it.”

She laughs a bit more and gives a final sigh before looking at the crystal again, it didn’t have as much of presence as the rest, it wasn't even trying to get out or was weeping like them.

“I don’t understand what you had in that abused mind of yours as you helped me out, but I wouldn’t have been able any of this if it wasn’t for your stupid sacrifice.”

As the demoness said that last sentence of hers, she had noticed an odd tone in her own voice, so she looks over at her reflection and facepalms, embarrassed.

“Too much emotion to show to a crystal, yeah?”

She looks over at the pulsing crystal with an embarrassed smile and then at the others that had started screaming again.
“Yeah, too much. I think I got to go anyways.”

She gets up and walks over to the exit of the cave, hearing the silent screams of the trapped unfortunate souls behind her, she grinned as she remarked quietly.

“I’ve got a few more souls to harvest tonight, I'll be right back.”

And with that, she left the cave for her next victims, with none of the previous remorse in her system as she grinned. No one was going to stop her until she reached her goal, and she wasn’t going to let anyone or anything stand in her way, whether it be a human or whatever else.

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