Drag You to Hell (Vindicated Book 1)

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Years before a group of teenagers went on a bender a did the unthinkable. Lives were lost And memories were forgotten She didn't forget And she here to make sure they don't either They are going to learn that not everything can be swept underneath the rug And she's going to teach them that squeaky clean doesn't mean safe Blood will be spilt and this time it won't be hers A tale of revenge for a wronged girl

Other / Horror
Thana Ortu
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Chapter 1

“Pain that comes in bursts is often more difficult to deal with than a constant pain.”

Pain. That’s all Meredith felt. Pain and betrayal and disbelief. The disbelief came in the form of incredulity that they would actually do this. Those four people. Demons. One she had dared to call her brother.

Their voices and laughter as they hurt her filled her ears and caused all the ire in the world to rise up in her soul. Why? Why would they do this to her? She hadn’t done anything wrong. If anything she had been more than cautious around them, to weary to do anything but try her best to stay out of their way.

Demons. That’s what they were. No human would do what they had done. What they were doing. It didn’t make sense. Confusion swam around in her head clouding her senses but no so much that she could her them or smell the thick coppery scent of blood permeating around her.


She tried so hard to get her brother’s attention and even that awarded her a backhand from him as her sneered at her and further punishment from his friends. It was all him. The one that stood behind her brother holding a very ominous looking knife that glistened in the moonl. But then again, what kind of knife being held by a psychopath didn’t have an aura to match its wielder.

They forced her to run all the way to the fields behind the Brieckster Estate. Her estate. She had been alone at home while her parents were away for business. They ambushed her and told her to run. At first she had thought that it was a joke, a less than funny joke. She found out soon enough that it had not been a joke and that they were deadly serious.

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