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To be honest i don't why anyone would click on this lol. I don't know if my life is bad because i don't really know what is normal.

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Chapter 1

My life isn't all that bad, and I don't wan't anywone thinking that I wan't attention. You know what I am just going to start at the basics. I have a sister that is 2 years older than me her name was serenity. I loved her even if she did hit me and boss me around. I was stuck up her but. But she feels the same way about me, she loves me alot but she is always angry because of me. My sister and I went everywhere together, there was not a second that we were apart. My mom and dad didn't get along, The main problem was my mom kept cheating on my dad. But my dad tried everything he could for her to stay with him so it would be easier on me and sis. Eventually my mom had a divorse with my dad and my dad said it was best.
My dad said that is was good she divosed him, but he was still in love. We lived with our mom because my dad was pore so he couldn't take care of us, and our mom has more legal rights. Our parents divorsed when I was three. A year later my mom met someone online that she loved even when she was with dad. So when they divorsed it was a perfect time for my mom to get with her. Yup you heard me it was a girl, My mom is bisexual. I thought it was normal as a kid, and growing up i started having stronger feelings for girls then I did guys. But I still liked guys so i was bisexual like my mom. Tara my moms new lover moved in when I was 4, she moved in and brought her son Kayden. I hated Kayden he was mean, bullied me, yelled at me, and was pure stupid. He didn't learn to add till second grade. Not even a year after my mom got with tara, we went to our grandmas and were perparing to go to a festible kind of stuff. When we were crossing the road my mom and sister got hit. They didn't die, thankfully. But my moms personality changed and not in a good way. She used to be not a serius like if you were goofing around in the house she used to goof off with you. But now she just yells at us even when i was still 4. When she got hit it hit a sertain part of her brain that caused her personality to change.
When they got hit I stood with my grandma by the curb just pure crying my soal out. My grandma still lives in her house. It didn't really efect my sister except she matured way too fast. She was already mature in first grade when guys are usually in thier thirties. My sister also never went outside so she gained weight, she didn't get pure fat but she got a little bit chunky in the belly and face. She also used to always want to play with me but what she said when she was only seven. "No I am way to old to play toys" So i didn't have anyone to talk to so i resolted to myself. I started to talk to myself in my mind. So it got kinda like a hobit. I am always talking to myself and I matured super fast too. I matured when I was in second grade.
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