My life story

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Chapter 2

Before kindergarten I went to Kaydens kindergarten thing he is a year older then me. and when I went there I was walking and I heard Tara say something so i turned and when I turned back a girl went full speed like a rino and head butted my mouth i was bleeding and I passed out. I opened my eyes just a little bit when I saw the little girls mom hovering above her. AND SHE WASN"T EVEN BEEDING OR HURT. I WAS and her mom said. "I am so sorry baby some kids are Dumb. Like wtf it was your daughters fault. The only good thing tara ever did for me was when i got RINOED in the freaking mouth and bled every where she picked me up and rushed me to the nurse. She told her I had to go to the emergency room in the doctors office. I didn't even remember getting picked up this is all i saw. I got hit passed out, saw the mom and heard her then passed out. saw tara and i was in her arms passed out. Then was the nurse passed out. Then i woke up in the hospital in a bed. Then for them to give me the stitches they numbed my mouth and strapped my on a board so i didn't move or anything.

When I started kindergarten I had the BEST kindergarten teacher. Her name was ms. richy. I loved her she was SOOOOO nice. I wasn't her to be my new step mom. When i got sick and had to stay weeks in the hospital. My teacher went there after working with the students and stayed with me. And bought me this writing book and stuffanimal that I still have to this day. And if we were good in class we would get browni pounts. SHE MADE THE BEST BROWNIES. Close to the end of kindergarte My sister told me that when she was in first grade she had the best teacher Mrs........ Oh freak I forgot her name oh yeah Mrs.Murcler. When I was writing this I literly forgot her name and was thinking hard about it and just screamed it lol. My friend was next to me and just said "What". Lol, back to the story, my sister told me I should have her for first grade. When my sister was in first grade she told the teacher good things about me. So Mrs. Murcler knew me when I went to kindergarten. So she would just randomly hug me and say I was cute. I could tell she was a good teacher from the things my sister said about her. But.... When first grade came my sister and I had to go to another school we still lived in a different school but our mom wanted us to try something different. In second grade I came back to my old school and Mrs. Murcler wasn't a teacher any more she was the school assistent. Ms. Richy or now Mrs. burgerham wasn't at school. Yup she got maried. I only saw her twice after that. Once was at walmart when i was in second grade the other was at school in fifth grade. She came with the newest member of their family. Yeah she had an adorible baby girl. I never seen her sence.

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