My Silence

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No one can hear me. ​I am a prisoner of eternal silence. How can I escape this eternal Silence? All these endless corridors make my mind feel small. This is a battle I have to fight on my own. For no one can hear me suffer.

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Starting to Fall

It was simple. Or so I thought. Waking up each day, getting out of bed, opening the blinds. Looking out the window. Watching the sun beams break through the window and into the territory I call my room. Although it now seems to be a chamber I can't escape. The sun was an unwanted guest. Lighting up my room, but there was no escape from this unwanted guest. It would come early in the morning and leave late at night. Laying in my bed full of thoughts and unwanted memories, watching the sun slowly light up my room. It was just mesmerising. Laying there and seeing the dust rise up into the air and being exposed by the light.
Moving so slowly, so gracefully, as if nothing else mattered in the world. Almost as if everything was okay, almost as if there was no more pain. But of course that's not true. Once broken, I will never be the same. I look out and admire the world we live in. Seeing all those walking by all happy, seeing everyone happy. Without a single worry in the world.
So what, so what if I'm not okay, so what if I'm broken. It doesn't seem to matter to anyone. As if I'm invisible. Almost as I never existed in the first place. But of course that's not true. You saw me as weakness, and you took advantage of me. I was there for you when no one ever was. So I stay in my containment all by myself staring outside of my window. My only contact with the outside world.
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