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Not just a story.. But a sweet memory This story is a tribute to all those beautiful girls who made my high school life beautiful and gave me memories worth to remember. My dear attitude queens, thanks for the memories….

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It was June 1st. I was so excited to meet all my friends: Susrija, Srija, Leena, Sangeethika, Priscilla, Jessica, Shivani, Sathvika, Victoria, Samya Rachel, Neha and my best friend Huldah Joy. I entered the classroom, and sat on the last bench beside Susrija. Then prayer bell rang. We all stood for prayer. After prayer, our first period was Biology. Yuck... I wasn’t interested in biology. Neither was Susrija interested in biology. So we just passed the time. We wasted our first forty five minutes biology class. Second period was Physics. Oh my … I love this subject. And our first chapter was regarding reflection on curved surfaces. It was pretty interesting topic. So, no time pass in second period. After second period we had recess. Then our class teacher entered the class and immediately called me “Geetika Gladys, were you passing time in the first period?” She’d certainly know that I passed time, because she was our biology teacher. I accepted that I passed time in her period. She made me sit in the first bench with Sarah. She was a very quiet. I felt bored sitting with her. Hey, there are four more new students in our class. Who are they?

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