Beta Turned Luna (unedited)

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Werewolves, true love, kidnapping, daring rescues, this book has it. "Mine" he growled huskily "Mate" I said breathlessly We said in perfect unison even though it was two different words, we both understood what was going on. We had found each other, though truth be told I never thought I would find my mate ~~~~ Nikita was adopted by the alpha and his family of the Midnight Moon Pack when she was 5 and tragedy struck her hard. Growing up as the Beta and Gamma's daughter meant she was always under watchful eyes. As Jordans beta she has grown stronger as a person and a wolf. Having to attend an Alpha's meeting she finds her mate the Alpha of the Bloodrose Moon Pack. No one knows much about Alpha Xander or his pack, so when all this suddenly happens who will Nikita choose. Will she stay with her pack with her best friend and only family she has ever known or will she choose her mate and new future. You can find out her journey if you read it.

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Author's note

Hi everyone so this is my first time writing a single mythical creature book. I started this book soley to give me a break on a book I'm stuck on currently. I have tons of great ideas for this book and I hope the readers I do get enjoy it.

I know there will be mistakes given that this is just the first draft of my book. So please feel free to let me know of my mistakes. Don't be rude or hateful about it either.

This story is pure fiction made by the creations my mind has came up with. I have all rights reserved. Do not take my ideas to use as your own. With that being said enjoy the book.

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