Maid in Hell

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"Tell me Sera, now that you are sitting on this throne of hell, looking in my eyes, tell me you are not in your true element as my Queen. Can you?" He claims he is Hades. He claims all her life till now has been a lie. He says she needs to go with him to the underworld. He says she used to be his personal maid and best friend there, and eventually she became his consort and Queen. She calls BULL SHIT

Other / Romance
Noah Toscani
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A/N <First story on inkitt! I am soooo excited!

Song for the chapter: Like I’m Gonna Lose You- Meghan Trainor>

“Hello darling”, she drawled, creeping the study door open.

“Hello my little home wrecker” he said, cracking a grin but not even looking up from his desk.

“Hades! If you really want to get into the details, technically Persephone was the home wrecker ! I loved you for millennia before she came!“, she exclaimed, eyes filled with tears.

“Hey, hey, Sera, baby don’t cry! I was just kidding”, a panicked Hades said, immediately getting up and rounding the desk, taking her in the circle of his arms.

“I know. It’s just my hormones. They are just all over the place right now.“, she sniffled.

“We should put up a board that says ’Beware! Pregnant Queen of the Underworld”, he chuckled, fondly caressing her barely visible bump.

“Hahaha, very funny”, she sarcastically said, hitting his chest. But she still had a smile , one that reached up to her eyes.

It was like they were in their own bubble of happiness and the outside world couldn’t touch them.

If only that had been the case...

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