Life In Fast Forward

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Chapter Two

So anyway in the midst of this okay-ish life my best friend my boyfriend and I were hanging out in my basement smoking weed as kids do. My parents grew pot, old school hippies. I had one of those rooms that was covered in posters of bands and blacklight paint. Even had some of those novelty alien ones, you know the kind. Take me to your dealer or I'm only here for the beer, yeah I was that kind of cool. So we were sitting there steeped in smoke and I turned to my best friend. “What is this thing?”

She pressed her fingers to my neck where I had been poking at this lump and frowned at me. Told me to go get it looked at by a doctor. Course being a kid I shrugged it off.

This massive fire hit a few weeks later. Had to evacuate our whole town. The damn army rocked up in their gross green covered vehicles and pounded on our door screaming; “get out! Get out now!” Bit jarring.

I went to stay with my grandparents. My granddad was starting to lose his shit. Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s so he was getting weird. Kept walking into my room just to ‘make sure I was still there.’ He grabbed my tit once. Just grabbed it and kept his hand there for like two full minutes. I never did tell anyone. Still not 100% sure if it was an accident.

Besides, it’s not like that was the first time or even the most spectacular time someone did something like that. I spent time on a reservation, one that you needed a tiny floater plane to get to. My parents were English teachers, some of those kids play some wild games. Hell in Vancouver my friends played some wild games too. One of the teens my mom was tutoring brought me downstairs and took all my clothes off. I went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle for a bit.

So this fire hit and my dad had been away playing some gig in some bum-fuck backwater town and couldn’t get back around the barricades. Our cat was being cattish and pissed off the moment we started to pack up so we had to leave her there. My horse got taken out by volunteers with trailers but I had no idea where he was. Got the dog and my rats though. Oh yeah, I had hairless rats because that’s so edgy. All pink with red eyes. That being said I really did love them.

I had just started driving so to get away from the grandparents I actually did go see that doctor. I needed a refill on my Zoloft or Effexor or whatever I was taking to numb my thoughts. My GP was off having a baby, how dare she. This new doctor saw me instead. She wasn't bad though I think I freaked her out. She took one quick feel of this lump and paled. Well, clearly I knew what was up right there and then but they don’t say shit until the proper tests are done.

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