Life In Fast Forward

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Chapter Eight

I started playing online games. Reread Anne Rice The Vampire Armand so started playing this game about vampires. It’s called immortal night. If you look hard you can find me on there still. Same user name so I guess you wouldn’t have to look too hard. This guy messaged me saying something I took as an insult. Turned out he was just being nice. Suppose I wasn't used to that.

Being way too friendly for my own good I started talking to the guy, well I know he’s a guy now but at the time he could have been a super intelligent fish person. His display picture was of Bob Dylan so I assumed he was a guy. I try to never assume on the internet even if I was right that one time.

We started talking a lot. Like sixteen hours a day. I really liked him. We got married in that silly game. Was super happy when he told me that yes he was a guy and yes he was almost my age. He had this thing where he typed like he was thirty or something. Whoop, another guy too old for me. But nope, he was almost exactly one year older. Not too bad. Unfortunately, he lived about as far away from me as he could.

He told me that he loved me and I said the same. Or I guess I said it first. We talked on the phone and started texting. Time difference sucked but we made it work.

Told my parents I wanted to go meet him. They agreed I could if I really wanted. They aren’t that negligent, they did talk to his parents first. We were both old enough to make our own decisions at that time. One fourteen hour flight later and we met in person. Awkward. He lived in this shit hole with another guy. I was a fucking wreck that whole trip. Drunk the entire time.

Surprisingly he actually didn’t abandon me for being a lush. I’m not really. I only drink on a few weekends. Yeah, I still dabble in the drugs but sparingly. I’m in no way a fiend like I was.

He came out a few months later. Met my parents who yet again fucked off leaving me behind. That time they went to the other side of the country. Bought a bit of land.

I started working as a vet assistant but really couldn’t take it. The vet did things I couldn’t abide. Declawing cats and putting things down just because they peed in shoes. The SPCA is a thing. I quit. Got a new job working for a package company. Had to wake up at dawn to sort packages but I liked it. No customers to talk to is a huge perk.

I drove my vampire guy up to see the damage that fire caused. That was neat. It ate the houses entirely. Left chimneys and that's it. Sort of hope they rebuild. Know that I did.

So me and this guy spent two years in my country before flying back to his. I’m still with him. I’m in love with him still. We’re technically engaged but neither of us care too much about the bit of paper so we’ll probably be engaged forever. My grandma gave him a ring for me before she died. He gave it to me. I don’t wear it because it’s too nice.

We’re still married in that stupid game.

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