And I Chose To Be Animal (At Pinili Ko Ang Kahayupan)

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Dog with high libido turns into some dude, picks up smoking and over all delinquency, drama and philosophy ensues. What else? read now to find out xD It's a story about a dog who turned into a dude, and things get weird, then normal, then philosophical, and romantic, and a bit sad, yeah, give it a shot, it's really not that long or offensive xD translator’s note* chap 2 -Jerjak- -there is a term ‘jerjer’ whichapproximates as sex as for sexual intercourse,there isa term ‘torjak’ which has a similar meaning. -dog-smile- -(ngiting aso) I’m not sure I know the figurative equivalence of the term. A mischievous smile, deceitful smile, chap 6 -make miracles- -there is a phrase ‘gumawa ng milagro’ which literally means to make miralces, in native context, miracles bluntly refers to sexual activities such as intercourse or masturbation.translator’s note* chap 9 -inlab- -this is a local phonetic adaptation, corruption of the phrase “in love” which in local subtext would be layman’s term for ‘higugma’ the actual equivalent of ‘in love’ Author's note: I wrote this a long time ago for a school project, I wanted to prove that the professor wasn't going to read anyone's work, I was right, for better or for worse :3

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Lig'ung Kalig'un (Sturdy Sturdiness)

Jerjak was full, he had not a care in the world, he then just laid down on the floor beside Uncle Gusting. Exact noon, in front of the house. “It’s a good thing Jer that you’re around, coz I really wouldn’t have anyone around here with me” Said Uncle Gusting to his pet dog Jerjak. Uncle Gusting Kalig’un a man in his mid forties, he grew up a little impoverished and didn’t much care. The state of his living just went up a little step, he doesn’t get hungry anymore, he doesn’t go to sleep wet anymore, but that was long ago, and even though he didn’t have any parents anymore at a young age, he was able to make his life a little better.

Maybe there really are just people who don’t marry; maybe there was some bad history on his love life. Today however, Uncle Gusting’s past is of no significance, since this story revolves around the world of the dog he took under his wing and the many mysteries or misadventures rather that happened within this creature’s life.

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