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Writer Types

We all fit into a catagory of writer. Here are the major types.

NOTE: This is just for fun. I am by no means calling any writer bad nor am I calling any of them perfect. Doesn’t really include any tips either. Just something to read if you’re bored.

Writing Types

1) The Overdetailed: Way too much detail. Plot? Covered by details. Characters? Burried alive by details. Details? Details.

2) The Underdetailed: Plot? No detail. Characters? What? Details? No.

3) The Angst: Blood? More. Pain? More. Reality? Yes. Pain? MORE! Death? Of course. Despair? More. Plot? Agony. Characters? In anguish. Reality? Broken now.

4) The Plot Artist: Plot? Beautiful. Characters? Eh.

5) The Character Artist: Characters? Beautiful. Plot? Eh.

6) The Poet: Pure poetry, story or no.

7) The Storyteller: Meant to be spoken, like that of an old fairytale or folklore. Has a special ring to it.

8) The Riddler: Nothing is quite clear, nor is it quite vague.

9) The Grim Reaper: The chant starts quietly... death, death, death... but it grows... death. Death. Death. It’s insistent now. Death! Death! Death! Louder and louder, demanding. DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! NO— STOP— DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!

10) The Kind One: Very kind to the character and reader. Some sad times, but everyone pulls through.

11) The Happiest: Hope and Happiness. Savior of the Angst and Reaper, Destroyer of Darkness.

12) The Cutesy: The plot, the characters, it’s all so adorable.

13) That Writer: Just... that writer.

14) Combo Writer: They combine two or more of the writer types, making their own.

Two Flavors

1) The Balanced: Mixture of the Under and Over Detailed. They balance it out.

2) The Pure: Mixture of Character and Plot Artist. Have a well rounded plot with nice character developement.

3) The Illusionist: Mixture of the Poet and Riddler. With twisted poems that sound light and are read with an easy and peaceful flow have a deep meaning— or the reversed.

4) The Magician: Storyteller and Riddler. Like the Illusionist, they can twist words and their meanings, forming metaphors and similes that can be as intense or straight forward as they desire... only without poetry, just a story.

5) The Bright Lord: Mixture of Happiest and Cutesy, forming pure peacefulness.

6) The Dark Lord: Mixture of the Reaper and Angsty, forming pure darkness.

7) The Softhearted: Mixture of Kind One and Reaper. They kill off only the bad characters in quick, vague or creative ways.

8) The Angsty Poet: Mixture of Angst and Poet. Their poems tend to be sad/dark.

9) The Grim Riddler: Riddles of death, playing with the characters like they’re puppets, only to destroy them in the end.

10) That Writer: Still just... that writer. How did they get here? Why are they here?

Three Flavors

1) The Fairytalist: Mixture of the Storyteller and the Pure

3) The King of Twist: The Bright Lord and Reaper. They make the story seem happy... until suddenly it all falls apart.

4) The King of Relief: The Dark Lord and Kind One. They make the story begin tense, hopeless, but quickly make it all work out like a blessing.

5) That Writer: They’re everywhere. Who are they? What are they? How strong is their true power?

Four or More Flavors

1) The Balanced Lord: Mixture of both Lords.

2) The Balanced King: Mixture of both Kings.

3) The Emperor of Humble: The Kings together, building an empire of plot twists, cliffhangers and more. Unlike it’s counterpart, this is one is very humble. Their power ages well.

4) The Emperor of Ego: The Kings together, building an empire of plot twists, cliffhangers and more. Unlike it’s counterpart, this one is not a humble. Their power also doesn’t seem to age as well as the rest of the writers.

5) The Siren: Fairytalist or Storyteller mixed with Reaper

6) The Siren Queen: The Siren, Angst and Balanced mixed.

7) That Writer: No one knows what they are, nor who. They don’t quite admit themselves being a writer unless asked by someone they want to tell. When their writing is found, many say it’s good and ask where they learnd to write like that... but they can’t answer. They keep themselves hidden.

The Balanced & Pure

The Balanced and/or Pure can be applied to any to any type writer but not every type has either, hence why only some have it mentioned.

And More

Of course, there are more types, but this is (so far) all the cool names I could think of. I’ll continously add more.

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