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Cover & Title Design

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” says almost everyone. Well, I say judge a book by exactly that. Without judging the looks of something, how will we see what it’s about?

As for the title, you’ll want it to be perfect for your story. It needs to show off your book, though not tell the story.

The Title:

1) Symbolism. What is a symbol in your story?

Ex. Writer’s Sword is about writing help, hence the writer, and a sword refers to the helpfulness it’s meant to provide (swords are rather helpful in my opinion).

2) Don’t spoil the story with your title. Death of the [instert name]/How [instert name] Died in the End gives away that the named character is going to die. Try something more metaphorical.

Ex. How [insert name] Died in the End could be changed to Beginning of the End.

3) Make it short, yet appealing. Don’t give away too much, but just enough.

Ex. Tale of How [instert name] Became The [King/Queen] and started the Golden Age could be shortened to Tale of a [King/Queen]. Of course, that isn’t as appealing. Add some spice. Beginning of a New [King/Queen]’s Era.

4) More spice. Make your title saucy, give it an unique flare. Let it jump out at the reader. Let it show off you and your story.

5) Lastly, make it flow the same way your story does.

Ex. A happy, bright story will have a kind, fluid title. A dark, sad story will have a more jagged, mysterious title.

The Cover

There are many ways to design a cover. There’s the Wattpad cover way, the simply slapping down a picture way or the photoshop way... and of course more. Whichever one you choose, here’s the steps to making it fit your story.

1) Don’t simply slap down an image. It isn’t as unique and (most likely) won’t show your title or the author’s name.

2) Symbolism. Find a picture that symbolizes your story.

Ex. Roots of a Curse has an upside rose, which symbolizes Aspyn’s weaponary flower as well as the reversed meaning of a red rose (upright is love and desire, reversed is hate and recklessness).

Ex(2). Beginning of a New King’s Era could have a gullitione, noose or burning stake if it included execution, a sword, arrow or other weapon if war, poision if that way of assassination, a palace for simplicity, or the ruins of a palace for deeper meaning yet still simple.

3) Color scheme. If your story has a happy ending or is a (possibly decietful) bright and kind story, use lighter coloring, such as pastels and white. If it’s a darker story with a sad/twisted ending, use deep colors such as dark blue, crimson and/or black.

4) Title. Let the imagery fit with your title.

5) Font, coloring, spacing, capitalization and line-up of the title matters way more than people think.

Ex. Beginning of a New King’s Era has the image of a noose hanging in front of a black background. The title will be centered with the rope, the words each taking up one line each (except of a is on one line togther). The letters will all be greatly spaced (more spacing makes the words more ominious or off-putting). The font is bold, but not too bold. Color is pale red, gradient of light red to white, or just white. All capitals for intensity.

Ex(2). A happy story will have normal capitalization, curled/twisty font for cutesy appeal, a white/light background with a lighter image in the top half. Title placement is bottom half. Coloration will be opposite, but not too dark. If the imagery is a pale pink rose over a white background, the font will be a medium blue.

Ex(3). A mystery will have darker or mid-tone coloration. There will be little imagery with more vague yet deeper symbolism. The font will be smaller, spaced out with no capitalization. The font will be a lighter color, most likely white. OR there’s the light coloration for imagery with very bold (most likely black) text.

6) If you haven’t done so, actually write the story now.


Cover design is something I enjoy doing. In fact, I’ll write the first few paragraphs or the first chapter a story, then make the cover. As for the title, that’s determined after the idea of the story is thought of.

If you’re looking for someone to help with a cover, I’d love to be of assistance. I won’t claim to be a photoshop/cover art pro, but I’m working on becoming better.

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