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Writer’s Block

Every writer, aspiring author and person who has picked up a pen or pencil, set up a typewriter or opened a computer or writing app, has most likely experienced writer’s block. Minor or major, here’s a few ways to help defeat that wall of disappointment.

Defeat the Writer’s Block

1) Write. Simply write. Easier said than done, yes. But to defeat writer’s block, one must first write. Look up prompts, find random items and describe them, ask others for story ideas.

2) Find a genre you haven’t explored yet. If you’re a mystery writer, try romance. If you’re a romance writer, try medieval fiction. If you’re a medieval fiction writer, try modern mystery.

3) Think. Just sit and think of anything. Make a story out of what you’re thinking, then write it down. Don’t stop and make sure it all makes sense, you can do that later.

4) Go to sleep. Drink some tea or water or whatever and lay down. Take a nap, rest somewhere. Way easier said than done, yes, but everyone needs a moment to take a nap.

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