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Fan-fiction is, though some may agure, a great way to get better at writing. It’s a beautiful skill to have to create your own worlds, people and even species or religion. But it can also be quite the relief to write something fanmade (so long as you don’t claim the characters/places as yours).

Character Build (Who, What & How)

1) A fan-fiction writer needs to be able to understand the character(s) they’re writing about. They need to know how they act, react and interact.

Ex. (characters from The Arcana) Julian is the Kink King, with many implications throughout his story. Nadia is the Bed Tryant, always in control. Asra is the Magic Man, dropping way too many hints for it not to be cannon.

2) Hand gestures and body language are a huge part of a character. The same goes for how they speak.

Ex. (character from The Arcana) Lucio flailed his arms in desperation, “No! I’m too charming to die like this!”

3) The looks of the character; stylization/AUs may alter this.

4) How are they them? (How did they get powers/abilities, talents, hobbies, etc.)

World Build (Where, When & How)

1) Like character build, the writer also needs to figure out how the story’s world acts, reacts and interacts with/around the characters.

Ex. (world from A Creature of Moonlight) The forest grows in bounds every night, though no one ever seens it move. Acres of trees could be cut down in the day, but as soon as the night has past, the woods have only doubled to avenge the lost.

2) How have the characters obtained resources (weapons, buildings, etc.) and where did it all come from?

Ex. (concept from Warriors) the leaders of the clans recieved their nine lives from their lost ancestors through the moon pool/stone.

3) Looks/design of the world: Where are they?

4) Time zone? Past, present or future?

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