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He is all alone. No family. No friends. And discovers a lot about himself. Lost. Scared. Broken. Abandoned. Diagnosed with phobias. What will you do when you can speak a lot but you can't speak. What will you do when feel lonely when you are abandoned to death. Mysteries. Dreams. Riddles. Nightmares. Posses you. What will you do? Scared to fall but you are bound to fall. Sacred to fail but you are bound to fail.

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1.Die on you're Birthday

Rex' P.o.v.

Happy birthday Rex. It's May 15. Nothing has changed in you're life.

Same day same work.

I woke up 4 in the morning and went upstairs to do my work. I cooked the breakfast and cleaned the house.

I then went to the basement to my room. Took a bathe with the help of the washroom in the security house and changed into a t-shirt and a full sleeve hoodie. The basement which was very huge with a single light illuminating the half it's surrounding.

I packed my bag and headed through the garage to go outside. I was prohibited by my brother and sister not to go through the main door. It's because of my way of loving.

I walked down the roadway diving deep in my thoughts.

I was just 13 and my mother father died. It's been five years and everything thing has changed. Not only just changed my life took an 180° turn. Everything everyone every where I am hated and was and now also accused for my parent's death. Why?

It so weird that people when come alive from an accident everyone smiles laughs cries and hug him or her in the happiest. But in my case I became invisible to everyone.

I don't know but I did the worst mistake of my life confessing my love infront of my siblings.

The day my parents died the whole thing spread like a disease in my town my family and in my school.

Yeah yeah how come in the town. Well we are the richest and powerful witches in the town. Yeah there are so many creatures in this whole world.

Actually its not we its 'they'. 'They' my brother and sister and my little bother are the richest in the town.

I was laughing until my parents were alive. When I confessed about my sexuality my parents came and hugged me. While my older siblings held disgust looks for me. I never understood the look.

Flash back

From that day they never talked to me or played with me.

After some days of ignorance I was traumatized by an accident. It was my thirteenth birthday and my parents were comming home from a shop to buy me gifts after comming out of a meeting.

My best friend Rodger had also came. Rodger was my only friend. I didn't have any friends in school he was my only friend. I never talked in school. I just talked a little in my home.

The phone rang and I was going to pick it up when I tripped and fell on Rodger. My sister came and gasped to see us in that position.

"I-i-its n-n-not w-what y-you t-"I stuttered. I have stuttering problem. That's why I don't talk much.

"Shut up you fa× you are also infecting him with you're disease." Kya my sister came and held my arms tightly and pulled me away from Rodger.

"What?!!" Rodger yelled when he was helped by my sister to stand-up.

"Yes it's what you hear he is a man lover a f×××××g a fa××××t"

"You dumb ass you tried to kiss me"

I shook my head in a motion of no. Then my brother came in.

"What the heck is happening here? And Kya why are holding Rodger?"

"This fa××××t tried to kiss Rodger"

He looks at me with wide eyes and clenches his jaw and fist. He walks towards me slowly and grabs me by my collar. His eyes showed anger.


"Mr.Kennesaw Mr.Kennesaw you're parents you're parents had a car accident"

My sister goes pale and she falls on the floor whike my brother leaves me and runs outside with the guard.

I crawl towards my sister and was about to cup her cheek when someone's fist connected with my jaw. It was Rodger. I fall from the impact. I couldn't believe that my only friend hit me.

"You fa××××t don't ever try to come near her. You tried to kiss me you bitch"

There is no reason for arguing I ran into my room and closed it. I went to the bed and curled up into ball holding my parent's photo against my chest. Memories of them and me my whole family flashed through my mind. How could he think that I will kiss him. We were friends from a long time and now all this. I was sobbing and eventually fell asleep.

I woke up with two large thud. I thought that I was hallucinating but when I heard it again I realized that it was comming from my door. Someone was pounding on my door.

I went to open it and found my brother staring at me with anger. He came near to me and grabbed me by my neck. I tried to free myself from his choke.

"For you you you fa× our parents died"

He then punched me on my stomach and then my chest. I couldn't feel anything. The pain was that my parents died not the pain I got. I felt totally numb.

My sister came in and beat me after that day. My brother came in and spat nasty words on my face. This continued till three days.

One day he came into my room and stood there looking into me with anger.

"You don't deserve this" was his last words before he pulled me by my hair and dragged me to the basement. He opened the door and threw me inside. I fell down the stairs till I became unconscious.


I was so drowned in my thoughts of pain that I didn't realize I have almost reached school. In school also I have to struggle.

I wonder if my parents wouldn't have donated money here what would had happened to me. I am a good student but no one likes to be a friend of me. I have great grades. Rodger spread the whole incident to everyone in school and from that time all hate me. All ignored me.


One day before the bullying and hatred started I went to his house. I was a little worried about him so I went to his house to give him back his notes and apologize him. He was playing with the popular kids. When I knocked on his door he yelled come in.

When I entered I saw he was playing video games with the popular guys. Their head snapped into my direction.

I started to have a panic attack when my only friend called me a fag adding that I came here to spend night with them.

They all stood up and walked near me. I dashed of the house crying and running towards my house. They all were laughing while I ran.


Sighing I pulled the top of my hoodie on my head and walked into the school.

Keeping my head held down I walked in. I went towards my locker when my personal bully came with his praisers.

"Hey fa×"

I moved in his direction keeping my head held down. And holding his assignments.

You would be thinking how fool I am. But see if I ignore him he will fracture my every bone. But I will listen to him he will only punch me. So......

"Did you complete it?"

I nod my head.

"Did you recheck it"

I nod my head.

"Here's you're reward"

And after that I found my left side hitting the lockers. The whole hallway erupted with laughter.After he walks everyone becomes busy in their business.

I walked to my locker and took out my essentials. I then walked to my classroom sitting at last bench alone near the window.

It's was history so Ms.Kim kept teaching and asking questions and Jean shooting me glares with his friends.

When it came to the time of giving the assignments I had to deny that I didn't complete it. As Jean's assignment took my free periods and the whole time in my house.

"Detention for you Mr.Kennesaw"

I just simply nod my head.

1st 2nd and 3rd Period just simply passed out. At 4th period we had calculus. I was at my as usual sit. The bench was near a window. Paying no attention to the teacher and drowning in my own thoughts.

"Mr.Kennesaw Mr.Kennesaw"

I snap my head in his direction and stood up.

"Are you paying attention to me?"

I nod my head in a manner of yes.

"Okay then solve these problems"

I look at the board and is this a joke. The teacher is giving teachings to a class 1 child or what?

I nod my head and solved the problems in 5 minutes.

When I turn towards his eyes widened in shock. Like as if he saw a ghost

"Impressive you did this just in some little time. Excellent keep it up my dear"

I saw Jean looking towards me. And gives me the expression of 'you will die'

After bell rangs for lunch I dash out of the classroom and went to my locker.

I don't have any money or lunch box so I could feed myself. So I can feed myself words while sitting in the library doing my homework.

I went to the library and was greeted by Mr.Ferosco who was sitting there reading 'no man is an island'. He greeted me with a genuine smile. I wave my hand at him.

I went to my loner seat. Sitting there and completing my homework. I realized that in my lunch break only I completed my whole work.

Bell rang and every period flew by.

Thank God I didn't have any homework. It was last period's bell rang and then I realized that I don't have to face my bullies due to my detention.

In detention I completed my history work and submitted it to my teacher. She became happy and let me go.

I walked out of the school gate when I saw my bullies were standing there and smirking.

I gulp down the lump in my throat and tried to run to the back of the school but someone jerked me back and threw into the woods surrounding the school.

They beat me till I become unconscious.


So my explores this is the first part. What do you think?

Vote and follow me.

What do you think of Rex?

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