Pink Girl's Dress Code

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“God made man stronger but not necessarily more intelligent. He gave women intuition and femininity. And, used properly, that combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.”
― Farrah Fawcett

I woke up the following morning feeling more excited than I could remember. I felt a new stir within me. It was as though my true soul was finally beginning to awaken from a long slumber. Warm hope spread through my body like wildfire. I remained still and savored this new feeling of self-awareness. My future now seemed limitless and bright. No more chains. I was not going to be a sheep anymore. Now I was a wolf and nothing was going to stop me.

I jumped out of bed, ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large trash bag from under the sink. I hurried to my bedroom and began ripping clothes off of my hangers. I threw my baggiest clothes in the bag and then began working on my drawers. I was so happy as the bag began to fill up. My past was dead. Gone. Just a dark shadow in my memory.

At ten thirty, I stopped working and got myself ready to go. After a shower and snack, I left the house. The bus ride took thirty minutes and stopped a few blocks from the address Mary Ann had given me. I had never been to this part of town. The houses were large and beautiful. I felt very out of place, like a rhinoceros at a table of unicorns.


I turned to see Mary Ann in a light yellow sundress. She was waving happily and I felt her mood lift even further. I ran to my new friend but stilled when Mary Ann hugged me. The only girl who’s ever hugged me was my mom. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Come on inside,” she said. “The girls are waiting for you.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should have said something yesterday.” She took me into the house. I was immediately ambushed by three other girls and drowned in hugs. When I was set free and able to breathe, I took a look at them and came to one conclusion. They were all flawless. They all looked so amazing, I felt as though I was in the company of royalty. One by one, the stepped forward and introduced themselves.

“I’m Carrie,” said the blonde girl with perfect glossy hair, and stunning green eyes.

“I’m Nancy,” said the tall, blue-eyed red head.

“I’m Daisy,” said the slender girl with caramel skin and dark brown curls.

“I’m Cory.”

“Mary Ann told us about your unfortunate circumstances,” said Nancy.

“And the changes you want to make,” said Carrie.

“So we all agreed to help you reach your goal,” said Daisy.

“I have to ask if it’s really something you’re willing to commit to,” said Nancy. “It’s an every day strive for excellence.”

“Being a Pink Girl is not something that should be taken lightly,” said Daisy. “And it’s not just our appearance we consider important. A Pink Girl should achieve excellent grades, be involved in an extracurricular activity, keep herself healthy and clean, be lady-like, and most of all, a Pink Girl must be her own individual. In your case, all you should change is your look and the way you carry yourself.”

“We can help with all of that,” said Mary Ann. “So, Cory. Do you want to be a Pink Girl?”

I thought quickly about what being a Pink Girl entailed. The requirements were basic and I already met some of them. I always brought home high grades, and I was on the softball team. I already ate pretty healthily, allowing myself only an occasional junky snack. I looked at Mary Ann and nodded.

“Alright, let’s get started!” Mary Ann motioned for the group to follow and she brought the group into her bedroom. My mouth fell open. Her room was so girly and clean. Everything had a place. The scent of strawberry filled my nose. The walls were a light pastel pink and the room was accented with gold and white. “We’re going to get the hard part out of the way.”

“Cory, do you have virgin skin?” asked Carrie.

“I don’t understand,” I admitted.

“Have you ever waxed, shaved or plucked?” asked Daisy and I shook my head.

“Well, we know what we’re dealing with girls,” said Mary Ann. “Carrie, I need a big bowl of ice. Nancy, get my wax kit. Daisy, I need towels. Cory, I’m going to need you to change. I have something that might fit you that you can borrow while we do this.”

I stood there and watched the others leave the room. I turned to see Mary Ann opening her closet and she stared. It was like she had her own clothing store inside her closet. When Mary Ann handed me a tank top and running shorts, I froze in petrified discomfort. I had never changed in front of anyone before. It made me even more uneasy when the others returned. Mary Ann seemed to sense my discomfort because she put her arm around me.

“It’s okay,” she said soothingly. “We all have the same body parts.”

“But you guys are perfect,” I said shyly.

“No, we’re not,” said Carrie. She put down the bowl of ice and lifted her skirt to reveal a large scar that went halfway down her thigh. “I was accidentally hit by a car as a kid. I needed surgery. This is the evidence of that.”

“I have scoliosis,” said Daisy. “It’s mild, but if you run a finger down my spine you can feel it.”

“I have acne scars you can see when I don’t wear makeup,” said Nancy, pulling her red hair behind her ear.

“I was overweight with braces as a child,” said Mary Ann. “I still have some stretch marks.”

“No one in this room is perfect,” said Carrie.

I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. These girls weren’t barbie dolls. They were regular girls with a passion for femininity and being girly. Determination radiated off of me and I undressed and put on Mary Ann’s clothes. Mary Ann had me sit down and lift my leg while Carrie sat beside me with the ice and Nancy put the towel down under me. Mary Ann combed my leg hair and put warm wax on a section of my lower leg. She applied a strip over the wax and pushed down.

“This is going to hurt. Brace yourself. One. Two. Three!”

I yelled out in shock and pain as my hair was mercilessly ripped from their follicles. Carrie pressed ice on my leg and I breathed out in relief as tears filled my eyes. My skin was an angry shade of red and I didn’t really want to put it through more pain, but seeing that bare patch on my leg, no matter how much it hurt, was worth it.

“Do you guys do this to yourselves all the time?” she asked as Mary Ann put more wax on her leg.

“We shave,” said Nancy.

“Waxing is only for occasions but it’s the best way to remove a lot of hair quickly,” said Daisy. Mary Ann pulled again and I shouted a very unladylike choice of words. “Do you know how to shave?”

“I convinced my parents to let me shave under my arms. I showed them proof that major athletes do, so the let me. I had to tell them I wanted to join the major leagues after high school, but I get to shave under my arms.”

“That’s wonderful,” said Carrie. “Shaving your legs is the same. It’s just about upkeep. Soon it becomes routine.”

After another hour, both of my legs were hair free, ice cold, and sporting what looked like a bad sunburn. Next, Mary Ann had me lay back and told me to relax. Daisy stepped up with threads in her hands. I was then put through more pain as Daisy did my eyebrows. I swore it hurt more to have hair ripped from my face. I could not keep my tongue in check and I sounded worse than a Navy sailor. When Daisy was done, I was told that the painful part was over. I sighed in relief and wiped the salty tears from my brown eyes. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and a tall woman was standing in the doorway.

“Hi, Mom,” said Mary Ann.

“I heard someone in pain,” said the woman. “Is everyone okay?”

“We were doing Cory’s eyebrows, Mom,” said Daisy.

“Well, I’m glad. Well, I’m going to get dinner started. Your welcome to stay, Cory. There’s going to be more than enough.”

Without another word, the woman left and I looked from Mary Ann to Daisy. They looked nothing like each other. Not even a little. Maybe they were adopted.

“Are you related?” I asked.

“No,” said Mary Ann.

“We all call Mrs. Roberts ‘Mom’,” said Nancy. “She’s like a second mother to all of us.”

“I give it a month or so and you’ll be calling her ‘Mom’ too,” said Mary Ann. “So what do you think?”

She handed me a mirror and I began to swell with joy and disbelief. I never knew that I could look even close to pretty. The pain I just went through was all worth it to see myself like this. I turned into a five-year-old and squealed in delight as a jumped up and down. I could never remember being this happy before and it all came out at once. I hugged every girl and spent the rest of the day with them. I liked all of them a lot.

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