Pink Girl's Dress Code

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PINK GIRL’S DRESS CODE - A Preteen’s Guide to Femininity

1. Hygiene.

Always practice excellent hygiene. Even before you take any more steps, master the art of self-care. Shower daily to get rid of any dirt, and sweat, that your body accumulated throughout the day, and it prevents hygiene-related diseases. As a plus, showering daily helps you feel, look, and smell your best throughout the day. Washing your face daily is another important step to good hygiene. Don’t forget to take your skin type into account when choosing a face cleaner. Brush your teeth every morning and evening. Regular tooth-brushing helps prevent gum disease. It is especially important to brush teeth after eating sweets or acidic foods that cause tooth erosion. To keep your gums extra strong, carry around a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste and brush your teeth in between meals. It’s also generally more pleasant to be around someone with fresh breath.

Always wear deodorant. Antiperspirant helps control excessive sweat, while deodorant covers up unpleasant body odor caused by sweat. If you’re just starting out, buy a few travel size brands and scents to find out what works best for you and what scent you like best. Wash yourclothes after wearing them. In general, shirts should be washed after every use, while pants and shorts can be worn a few times before they require washing. Use your best judgment to determine how often to wash your clothes. Socks and underwear should be changed daily. Clip your fingernails and toenails regularly. Not only will this keep your hands and feet looking their best, it will prevent hangnails, breakage, and other potential damage to your nails. Short nails can’t trap dirt under them the way long nails do. How often you clip your fingernails will depend on your personal desired length. Be sure to clean underneath your nails as well. Don’t forget to shave your pits either. Odor can linger on the hair and become unpleasent.

2. Prevent Illness

Always wash your hands with soap and water. This is one of the most important ways to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Wash your hands after using the restroom; before, during, and after preparing food; before eating food; before and after caring for someone who is sick; after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing; and after handling animals and/or animal waste. Consider keeping a hand sanitizer with you at all times in case you can’t reach a bathroom to wash your hands. Never forget to cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. This is extremely important if you want to avoid spreading germs to those around you.

Never share razors, towels, or makeup with other people. Sharing personal items like these with other people increases the likelihood of spreading Staph infections. Also, keep up with doctor’s visits. Seeing your doctor regularly can help catch illnesses and infections early, making it much easier to treat them. Visit your doctor when you are feeling sick or think you may have an infection, and be sure to keep up with routine check-ups.

3. Your Period

Periods are a natural part of being a girl. While they can be bothersome and gross at times, it is really a beautiful thing. If you haven’t had your first period yet, there are usually warning signs that it’s coming. In time, you’ll learn to recognize them. Girls usually get their first period around the age of twelve, though it may happen sooner, or later. Do some research on your computer or at the local library and pay close attention to your body for warning signs. While your period will always be a surprise, you will at least be prepared.

To be completely prepared, keep a small bag in your purse or backpack with pads or tampons, and an extra set of underwear. A spot remover will also be handy in case you start at school, or anywhere else in public, and you get blood on your pants. It is important to keep a variety of pads or tampons in your bag. At least three liners, two regular pads, or tampons and, if you feel it’s necessary, feminine wipes.

Once you do start, be sure that you change your pad or tampon every two to six hours depending on flow. If you do not do this, you put yourself at risk for toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This can, in some cases, lead to death. If you plan on sleeping for eight hours, wear an overnight pad and change it as soon as you get up in the morning.

4. Manners

Manners are important, but even more so for a Pink Girl. Don’t always think about yourself. Think about how other people might be living in other places and situations. This keeps you humble and down to earth. Manners help people get along together. You will appear mature and approachable. Good impressions always lead up to good judgments by people. Always stand tall. Your body says a lot about what you think about yourself. Hold your head up and pull your shoulders back. Make eye contact. Look people in the eye. It shows that you’re friendly and honest. It also tells others that you’re interested in them and in what they’re saying. Say hello. It’s always friendly. Use names. Greet people by name. It shows that you care who they are, which makes them feel good. Shake hands. Step up and shake hands when you’re saying hello to an adult, especially if the situation is fairly formal. If you’re comfortable, address adults and those older than you by ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’. Choose your words carefully. Always use those “magic words”. Say “please” and also “thank you”. It’s always friendly.

While swearing might be ‘cool’, it’s not very ladylike and it does more harm to those on the receiving end. Many people do not realize that using certain swear words is a promotion of socially unacceptable negatives. When you think of it this way, there really is nothing ‘cool’ or socially progressive about swearing. As a Pink Girl, any such language is unacceptable.

5. Intelligence

As a Pink Girl, you should always well educated and alway do your best every day in school. You are knowledgeable about the world around you. You do not follow the crowd around you like a sheep. Instead, form your own opinion based on both sides of the situation and your own experiences. Learn to be observant, pay attention to your surroundings, and remember what is happening around you. There is no shame in being curious. If you’re satisfied going through life with little or no understanding of things you’re unfamiliar with, you won’t learn much. Make a conscious effort to be more curious by reminding yourself that developing your curiosity will broaden your horizons and help to make you more intelligent. There is also no shame in needing extra help in school, or in life. If you need help, don’t worry about others. Ask. Focus on improving yourself for the better.

5. Wardrobe

A Pink Girl’s wardrobe should be a direct reflection of your inner beauty. You should not flaunt your body with revealing clothes. Instead, dress with a level of modesty. Your clothes should fit you well and compliment your body type, and the colors you wear should go with your skin tone. It’s not mandatory to be trendy. Find what works for you and your style. If you like leather jackets or ball caps, go for it. If you like flowing fabric or lace, wear it. Be unique and proud. Don’t wear anything that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. The one mandatory rule is at there must be at least one item of pink in your wardrobe for every season. There is a reason we are the Pink Girls.

Accessories are great for putting together an outfit. Pick out simple jewelry that will go with every mood and outfit in your closet. Your accessories should as unique as you are, whether they’re silver, gold, or bright colors, you should love how you feel in them.

6. Makeup

A Pink Girl does not need every color in the rainbow in her makeup collection. Your makeup should be natural and light to bring out your natural beauty. If you’re new to makeup, start with a tinted moisturizer, pencil eyeliner, mascara, and tinted lip balm. As you enter your teenage years, add neutral eyeshadows and lipsticks if you want. Sticking to basics and classic looks will help you perfect your skills and avoid bad picture days. You don’t want to look back in twenty years and ask yourself why you wore bright blue eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrows on picture day.

7. Fitness and Health

Fitness and heath should be a part of your daily life as a Pink Girl. Now, no one is saying you have to eat like a rabbit and give up burgers forever, but it’s good to limit yourself. The goal of a Pink Girl’s workout isn’t to gain the perfect figure, it’s to be healthy. Exercising is good for your long-term health as well as your short-term confidence. Whether you join a sports team during school or work out on your own at home, you should always strive to achieve your personal fitness goal, even if your short-term goal is just to look amazing at the next school dance. Eventually, being healthy will become a natural routine and a part of your lifestyle and your body and your older self will thank you.

8. Independence

First, don’t compare yourself to others. Having a female role model to look up to is great. Just be careful that you don’t fall into jealousy. Set clear boundaries that prioritize your own needs. For example, set boundaries with regards to as how much time you spend with someone or the kinds of discussions you are unwilling to have. However, keep your tone in mind. You can be assertive without being bossy. You will also have to learn to fend for yourself in the real world if you want to avoid being taken advantage of. You must learn how to stand up for yourself at school, at work, and in your social life. Don’t be ashamed or apologetic about asserting yourself. Assertiveness is the middle ground between passivity and aggression.

Believe in yourself. When you believe in your abilities and your achievements, then you will convey strength. Pursue what you need and want. When you lack confidence or play the victim, you risk letting others walk all over you instead of getting what you need and want. This will be difficult at times, but know that there are others around you who believe in you too. Embrace the uniqueness of yourself and others. Try to cultivate compassion and happiness for the fact that everyone is talented and gifted in her own way, including you! Everyone has their own best assets, whether it is math skills, painting abilities, or leadership skills. Embrace the skills and resources you have and love yourself for having them.

9. Strength of Character

Strength in character consists of having the qualities that allow you to exercise control over your instincts and passions, to master yourself, and to resist the myriad temptations that constantly confront you. Moreover, strength in character is freedom from biases and prejudices of the mind and is about displaying love, and respect for others. The most important way to strengthen your character is to show empathy with others, especially the weaker souls, and love others as yourself. This may come at some cost, causing you to examine your own motives so that you can empathize ungrudgingly. Favor reason over pure emotion. The person with a strong character will examine all the facts using the head, and not be biased/prejudiced by emotions from the heart. Master your feelings. Avoid letting anything other than sound reason dictate your decisions in the conduct of everyday life. It might often be difficult, and at times impossible, to not yield to feelings deep within your soul, but you can learn to suppress their manifestations, and to overcome them through relying on common sense and sound judgment.

10. Kindness

A Pink Girl is kind to everyone, even if they don’t deserve it. At its most basic, kindness is about caring genuinely for others around you, wanting the best for them, and recognizing in them the same wants, needs, aspirations, and even fears that you have too. Kindness is warm, resilient, patient, trusting, loyal, and grateful. Don’t be kind for the sake of getting what you want and don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

11. Defence

The best weapon most girls have is their voice. As a girl, it is essential that you know how to defend yourself. Ask your parent or guardian to enroll you in a self-defense class, or ask your gym instructor if they offer it as part of gym class. Some schools do. If you can, travel in groups of three or more and, if it’s available, always sit in the seat closest to the bus driver when taking public transportation alone. You can find self-defense tactics online or in your local library.


This is a Pink Girl’s guide to femininity. You don’t have to be girly to be feminine. Whether you’re the girl who wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, or you wear pink bows, there is nothing more beautiful than being a girl. Don’t be afraid to embrace yourself. You are beautiful and unique and you deserve to be treated with nothing less than the respect that you earn. As a girl, you have the right to be strong and independent while still being kind and delicate. Be the woman who knows how to change a tire, but will step aside and let a man do it for her. Be a Pink Girl.

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