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Hayden Sneak Peak


My name is Hayden.

I'm 23.

Well, I've been 23 for 300 years now; 314 years to be exact.

Im sure you can guess what I'm about to tell you.

I am a vampire. Yes, the blood-sucking, hate-the-light, recluse kind of thing.

No, I don't burst into a ball of flames in the sun, but it sure burns.

Yes, I have killed.

And yes, I've been hiding in the shadows for many years now.

It had been working pretty well for me until yesterday. Yesterday, I figured out that my Creator wants to kill me.


Oh, well, because it turns out that I, Hayden Lacroix, am no ordinary vampire.

It turns out that I have abnormal abilities.

Every single person that I have bitten has turned.

That number is near to the 1,000's, I'm guessing.

Only the Creators are supposed to be able to make more vampires.

How could I have known that I would inherit such a... Curse?

Everything about my existence is contradictory.

I live in the shadows, and I need human blood to survive properly.

Yet, everything I sink my fangs into seems to turn into the very thing that I have no use for: more vampires.

Currently, I am hunting.

A young woman, mid twenties I would guess, is standing at a darkened bus stop in front of me.

A single street light illuminates her like a spot light.

I can feel the predator inside me, fighting to come out.

In my hand, there's an empty bag and an IV.

The last thing I'm trying to do is ruin more lives than I already have.

I don't need my fangs to survive.

One plus to being a rogue Creator: compulsion.

Most vampires, when they bite, release endorphins and melatonin among other soothing concoctions with their bites.

Eventually, the human will forget that the event ever happened, or associate it with pure ecstasy.

I guess I should've taken that as a sign. No one ever enjoyed my bites. Ever. And one day, I finally just snapped. I stared straight into the innocent's eyes and yelled,

"Just shut up!"

His mouth snapped shut like a trap, and even more panic ensued in his eyes.

I guess I had assumed that in using my compulsion that I was giving them easier lives.

It turns out that my bite is poison; a virus.

Every single one of them, 300 years of hunts, I've condemned them to a life in hell alongside me... That is if they survived.

Well, I can try to make a difference now.

I watch her, and slowly begin to move forward towards the bench she sits on.

Just as I'm at the edge of the shadows, a man approaches.

I can smell the stench of liquor drifting off of him from this distance.

He stumbles across the road, gripping a large bottle of what smells like bourbon.

The woman stands, alarmed by his presence.

I narrow my eyes, my hunger intensifying as he nears the woman.

I try not to hear the drunken slurs and words he's throwing at her.

But I do.

He moves closer, reaching to touch her.

I know that I'm a monster. Five-fold whatever disgusting things this man has done in his life.

And I guess I'll just be more of a monster tonight.

But at least I'll be the lesser of two evils.

I move forward, everything around me slowing for a split second, and suddenly I'm standing with my hand on the man's throat, his feet dangling off of the pavement.

The woman's eyes widen, and just as she's about to scream, I look her right in the eyes, and whisper.


The man I have is gurgling, choking on his own saliva and drink.

I look back at the woman, who stands there in silent fright.

I drop the man on the ground where he lands with a painful thud and stays quiet, a cut on his cheek opening against the pavement.

I move towards her, and she backs up against the light post.

I meet her eyes again, and she can no longer look away.

"Stand here, wait for this bus, and forget what's happened here tonight. A man came across the street, and continued walking. He completely ignored you. You'll get onto this bus, and you may speak freely once you do so," I say.

She nods slowly, and looks towards the empty street just as the rumbling of a distant bus sounds.

When she glances towards the spot where the man was earlier, the only thing she sees is a single drop of blood.


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