The Billionaire Bartender

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Raven and Paris are different in many ways, Raven as a happy-go-lucky girl and Paris a model that works hard for the family. They met in the bar. Raven Harlem is the androgynous girl. She owned (Paramore Cafè - Cocktail Bar) and also works there as a Bartender, she is the richest Bartender in Verona, Italy at the age 21. Her Parents owns the Chains of Restaurants and her Brother Owns a Modeling Agency (Fashion Model Management). Paris Morgan, a 22 years old upcoming Model. She belongs to Middle-Class but she is gorgeous and beautiful. Her sister is studying in high school and she works part-time at a Bookstore near her high school. Raven and Paris are different in many ways, Raven as a happy-go-lucky girl and Paris a model that works hard for the family. They met in the bar where Raven's Brother throws a party to his Agency Members and Modelers. Paris thought Raven is the guy who keeps helping her but what will she do when Raven's identity get revealed? ________________________________ I don't own the image that i used, I just edited it.

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Cast of Characters

Raven Harlem - Federica Geirola

Paris Morgan - Jessica Clements

Micah Harlem (Raven's Brother) - Pietro Boselli

Hope Morgan (Paris's Sister) - Bailee Madison

Olivia Ross (Paris's Best Friend)- Miranda Kerr

Joshua Andrews (Hope's Boyfriend) - Alex Lange

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