The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 9: First Photo Shoot

Paris's POV

Yesterday night, I set the alarm for 9 am which is I am regretting by the way because I have left almost 5 hours before my photo shoot and now I am gonna be pacing in my room to calm my nerves down when I think about meeting new crew and models I am feeling nervous. I always needed less time to get ready so I could use more time of getting better sleep never mind when I received a text message. I unlock my phone to see message was from Olivia.

Olivia : Baby Girl, I am downstairs open the door because I don't want to disturb dad. (She always calls me Baby Girl when she is excited)

Me : Okay Mama, I am coming in a minute. (I call her mama in return to tease her :'D)

I opened my front door to see Olivia is fully dressed up for the work and smiling at me.

So, I smile and hug her in return, after that she came in revealing three coffees and bagels for the breakfast which she put on the kitchen island. I told her to sit and went to brush my teeth also took a quick shower after that we ate in silence until my dad came from his room and scolded Olivia in a fatherly manner to not waste money on him while hugging her back. Olivia replied him that every now and then it is her duty to treat her favorite dad while smiling like a kid. (Olivia calls him dad too and dad love her as much as he loves us). After finishing our breakfast, we went to my room and told Olivia to select my dress either way she gonna do it so why not offering her first because I don't want to see her pulling elder card on me. (She pulls elder card whenever she wanted to advise me or scold me.) She picked for me a short but with full sleeves dress.

After changing my dress she brushed my hair then we decided to leave early for agency because she wanted to discuss something with our boss on which I teased her that she can't pass her day without seeing Micah in return she just laughed and told me to shut up 😅. When we reached the agency, we saw Joshua and Micah were talking about something, so we went in their direction after greetings our co-workers. Olivia asked Joshua to give her a minute so Joshua and decided to give her and Micah a little space, I hugged Joshua and asked him about his parents and little sister which is 5 years old and very cute. He said they are doing great in return he asked about Hope probably because they haven't talked each other since yesterday. After few minutes Micah told his staff to set up for photo shoot and told me to get changed with smile on his face.

*He is really nice towards his every crew members and models; I respect him very much because in my previous agency my boss and manager were both rude person*

*Photo Shoot Begins*

Photographer : Can you pose while sitting down and reading a magazine?

Me : Sure, I sit down on lounge chair which is in the balcony.

Today's photo shoots set up showing a Balcony and few people in the background eating their lunch and here I am posing in public place which I am not by the way. There are few lounge chairs and many flowers on the balcony to give a nice view for the photos. Today's agenda is introduce me as a new model of 'Fashion Model Management' Agency to the Verona so Micah decided to keep it light and very interesting setting by showing his new model to be very friendly as he give orders Joshua to sit on next lounge chair beside me and face me to show that we are talking.

Photographer : Okay now get up from chair and stand in front of fence while posing as you're watching the beautiful sky.

Me : Sure, I put up my best smile while looking in the direction of sky. In the sky there are different colors in some area sky is orange and yellow but very far away sky is blue and white.

After few shots Micah told us to take a break. Olivia came to me to take me in the dressing room where I can rest, and make-up artist retouch my make-up. As I was resting Olivia asked me how I am doing on the first day. I told her that it feels good to be a part of this agency because everyone is nice and friendly. No one is shouting to get the work done fast if they are slowing down a little bit. Make-up artist came to retouch my make-up while saying that I did a good job :') , I thanked her and asked for her name she smiled and told me that her is Rose. I complimented her for her beautiful name and also for the great make-up.

When resting for a while one of the crew member knocked on the door to tell me that I have to take one last shot so, Olivia and I went back to stage where Micah and photographer was ready to take a last shot before wrapping up.

Photographer : Can you hold the teacup and look at the camera for me?

Me : Sure, I sit down where breakfast was served on the table and hold the teacup for the photos.

*Photo Shoot Ends*

After Micah told us that our work is done for today and complimented me for a great work, he also said I have a photogenic face, Micah asked photographer to come to his office after packing his equipment's. Micah disappeared after into his office while saying we can go home; I thanked the photographer and few other crew members who were working with us for their hard work. Joshua came to us and hugged me while saying to Olivia that our treat is due definitely now :D his phone rang, and he went to answer a call. Olivia and I return to dressing room to remove my make-up and change into my clothes then we decided to diner to eat because I am hungry, we reached there in a few minutes and I decided to order Chicken Burger while Olivia order Sandwich. While waiting for our orders I told Olivia that I am glad that she is my manager because now we can spend time every day. My phone rang and screen shows my dad's name, so I quickly answered it;

Dad : I am going to be late because it's my first day, so my new co-workers decided to take me to dinner, where are you and how was your day?

Me : I am with Olivia at Diner waiting for our orders and my first photo shoot went great I really like it here dad J.

Dad : I am glad to hear that my girl you deserve to shine and don't forget to take something to eat for your little sister.

Me : Okay dad I will ask her what she wanted to eat and see you at home, Love You <3

Dad : Love You Too Pumpkin!

With that he dropped the line, I dialed Hope's number and she answered after three rings.

Hope : Paris what's taking you so long I am hungry, and dad is not at home too.

Me : I know Baby Boo, dad just called me to tell that he is going to be late as he is going to eat with his new co-workers and I called you to ask what you wanna eat because I am at Diner's with Olivia.

Hope : I want to eat Alfredo Pasta, One Chicken Burger and French fries with Coke.

Me : Whoa there! Some one is really hungry today, are you okay Baby Boo?

Hope : No, I am not okay, how can I be okay after I just have eaten breakfast of-course I am very hungry come fast please!

Me : Okay Okay! I will take it now bye our food is arrived, and I am also starving.

Olivia was just smiling so I asked her why she is smiling like a crazy, she replied that she is smiling because she is lucky to have me as her best friend and my family as her family too. I told her I am also lucky to have you. We start digging into our food because we can't wait any more, after eating Olivia dropped me at my home and told me that she will update me about my photo shoot when she will receive any news from the agency. I hugged her goodbye while saying sure and hurried to knock on the door because Hope is gonna flipped if her food gets cold. She came running to snatch the food from my hand without saying anything, I laughed at her action as entering to kitchen and saw she already have settled down and chewing on Chicken Burger, guess she is really hungry. She asked me about my day after eating the burger I told her it was good and now I am very tired, Joshua was also there, and she said that she knew it already because she called right after the photo shoot. So, I guess she was one who called him when Joshua was talking with us.

I told her that I am going to sleep she said muttered okay because her mouth was full, I nod my head while smiling at her. It is good to return home to my family after long and tiring work, I took a long shower and went to bed after plugging my phone to charge.



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