The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 10: Beginning Of Our Friendship

Hope's POV

You know about me through my older sister Paris, but I guess it's only appropriate to introduce myself to you. My name is Hope Morgan, I am 19 years old and I am currently studying Sports Science in University. I got a full-paid-scholarship because I was a captain and top player of Volleyball in my college, so I guess it's better this way I don't want to burden my dad and sister. In high school and college life my position was always a Libero because of my good passing ability and best defensive skills, I was selected Captain by my coach, but my teammates also supported me. After moving here in Verona, I took a break from Volleyball for settling into new environment and University.

*Flashback Starts*

After my mom passed away, my dad used to take me to the Volleyball National Games because his best friend used to be a national player of Italy. I clearly remembered at the age of 3 some people were playing Volleyball at the beach so I went to sit near on sand where they were playing after few shorts I saw ball was bounce in the air and coming towards in my direction the next thing I know I was surrounded by my family and people who were playing volleyball few seconds ago. I fainted because I got hit on my head by ball, it's a funny way to fall in love with sports but that was it is. After that unforgettable event I asked my family to stop changing channels whenever I saw volleyball game on the Tv. So, my dad decided it was the best way for me to cope and distract me from my mom's death. First time when my dad bought me volleyball, I cried of happiness and jump onto my dad, Good thing his reflexes were great because he caught me if that wasn't the case I would have been fall on the ground. I always bugged Paris to play with me, she refused me few times at first but when she saw me paying alone with ball, she offered me to play I couldn't express my feeling through words, so I kissed her both cheeks. One day we were playing my dad and his best friend Abraham joins us, so we played two vs two, Dad on my team and Paris on Uncle Abraham's teams. During the match dad was attacking and serving whenever it's needed and while I was on the defensive mode, so uncle decided to attack me more to check how I am gonna defense the ball. After few more matches, we ate dinner together and I was very happy that I got to play with the National Player. Uncle Abraham told my dad to bring me to his games so I can learn rules and few techniques by watching other players too.

Paris joined Modeling agency at the of 19 so whenever dad coming late from work, she drags me to her model agency and I always fell asleep in her dressing room because she picked me up after my volleyball practices. After three years I stop going to her workplace and Paris focus remain one me because she get worried quickly about me, I told her that she don't have to worry about me and work with focus at first she said no but when I insisted her that she need to focus on her career she agrees, she always calls to check on me after every hour on that her boss scolded her but she never listens him. One day I took off from school and volleyball practice to spend time with Paris but she got called from her agency to come for a Photo Shoot out of schedule because other female models were not available because of fashion week so her boss decided to call her, she asked him whether its urgent or not and he answered that few male models from Verona came to agency for Photo Shooting so they need one female model and now it's only you available on this time. After call ended, I told her that I am going with her too because I took my day off to spend with her anyways, so I don't have anything to do.

Few minutes later we reached her agency and her stylish hurried her to dressing room so I decided to wander around I was looking at the setup that was hanging from the roof when I collided with someone and fell on my butt with dragging the other with me, I heard few people laughing from the side because of our position when I saw the boy on the top of me I pushed him away immediately and he fell on the ground then he apologized to me and I apologized in return it was my fault anyway cause I wasn't looking and walking. After few minutes when I notice what had happened! my cheeks were burning from embarrassment, so I quickly went to Paris's dressing room. When Paris boss asked her to be on set up, I release the breath I didn't even know I was holding for few minutes now. One hour I spend her dressing room not going out due to the embarrassment, I heard a knock-on door and only to see the boy from earlier was standing there while talking to my sister. I guess he told her what had happened outside but when he saw me, he suddenly asked me if I am doing okay and I saw my sister mouthing "what happened ?" to me from behind, so I mouthed "nothing" but to my dismay he started understanding my sister whole situation. I stepped aside towards couch from their conversation because I don't wanna listen my embarrassing moment again when I was about to sit, they start laughing that caught my attention and I was like WOW someone is really in a good mood regardless of doing the extra shift. The boy whose name I don't know yet seems like my age no wonder I easily drag him with me when I fell, regardless of what happened today he is cute and polite. He apologized me first rather than getting mad on I bumped and drag him first, after few minutes their attention was on me when I told my sister to lets go home and she said "I have another shoot with other models why don't you take Joshua on Agency tour I guess neither of you wanna spend one to two hours by sitting idly".

*Thanks to my sister I didn't have to asked him about his name or start a conversation first :D*

I was in my own world that I didn't notice they were staring at me because I didn't answer them for a few minutes, Paris was to repeat again when I told her to go and finished her shoot because I am getting bore now. Paris went outside after that as I was about to go outside too, I heard someone's cough *Oh Gosh! I totally forget about him* so, I turn in the direction where he was standing and gesture him to pass first. Joshua didn't leave his spot until I asked him;

Me: Why aren't you leaving?

Joshua: I just wanted to check on you if you're doing good or not and you don't have to take me for a tour if you don't want to!

Me: Lets go because I don't want to sit in this room anymore. (To be honest I will feel guilty if I refused to go with him!)

Joshua: Are you sure ?

Me: Yes, now let's go before I change my mind!

Joshua: BTW! what's your name I didn't catch it earlier when Paris and I were talking.

Me: Oh! My name is Hope Morgan, What about you?

Joshua: I am sure you already know my name, but I guess there is no harm in telling you my full name too. My name is Joshua Andrews and I am from Verona.

Me: Nice Name! So, why are you guys doing photo shoot here in Bologna?

Joshua: Our agency is renovating and with fashion week coming we have to do complete a photo shoot plus we also wanted to shoot in a different state so, our boss suggested we can have a Photo shoot here because Luke and he are good friends!

Me: Your agency must be small comparing to this agency that's why you guys have to come here right ? and I didn't know Luke is friendly, he always seems rude on sets :3

Joshua: Nah, in-fact our agency is very huge, but our boss decided to give everyone leave for two weeks because he is remodeling his agency again that's why we decided to come here!

Me: Oh okay! My bad ! now let's go before Paris start scolding me about bad manners or something.

Joshua: Sure, are you guys on bad terms ?

Me: No, No, it's not like that but she is the one who guides me in every path, so I guess between our long journey in life we're teaching each other many things in our own ways.

After one hour passing Paris called me "where are you guys ? we've finished and Joshua's friends are leaving too, they want to go for dinner." I told her "We are outside of agency, we will be there in few minutes" with that I dismiss the call and told Joshua about our conversation and start walking towards the building, Joshua was texting on his phone and I told him to walk fast so, he put his phone in his pocket and run to catch on me because he was many steps behind me. When we reached inside, I saw Paris was talking to other models and when Joshua saw his friends, he walked towards them leaving my side instantly. I was asking Paris about dad whereabouts she said, " He is going to be late so we can eat outside because I am tired to make anything", I agreed on that because I am really hungry now after touring the whole agency. We were about to leave when Joshua asked us if we wanted to go with them to eat dinner at first, we refused but they insisted so, we agreed and take them to our favorite place to eat.

Today's routine went for straight two weeks except me bumping into Joshua or dragging him with me on the ground by the way on which his friends and Paris are still teasing us, it was funny though but embarrassing too. That's how Joshua and Mine friendship begins, we exchanged numbers so we can meet next time when they come Bologna. One day before Joshua leaving, he called asked to hang out because his friends were going to bowling and he doesn't want to go. I checked my schedule and told him that I can only spare two hours because my exams are due in next month and volleyball practice are also tough nowadays.

*Flashback Ends*

I was watching my favorite movie called "The Miracle Season" when my phone's screen lit up only showing it was reminder so, I check my calendar to see tomorrow is my second-year dating anniversary and Yes! Joshua and I have been together for two years now. I smile when recalling my memories with Joshua that we spend each other, we decided to head back to the spot where we two met that is Bologna and I really love him because he always wants to good spend time rather than just showering me with expensive gifts. I finished watching movie and went to bed early because we have to leave early so we can have whole day to spend together.



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