The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 11: First Date

Hope's POV

I woke up at 6 am to get ready before Joshuacame here, I got dressed into something fancy it's our second anniversary.

I was slipping my shoes when I heard the doorbell, so I wore shoes quickly and runs downstairs to open a door, Joshua entered inside while showing his biggest smile and hugged me.We were checking each other out when we heard Paris and Dad laughing at us, so I asked them What? They replied, "Nothing, it's just you both look happy and cute together". I smiled and noticed that I am blushing. Joshua told me we are going to be late if we don't leave now when we settled in his car I said "Happy Second Anniversary <3" in the reply he kissed my forehead and told me he loves me. After traveling two hours we stopped at the restaurant where Joshua asked me to be his girlfriend.

*Flashback Starts*

I went to the place where Joshua asked me to hang out with him today and it was an amusement park. Let me tell you it's my favorite place to hang out with friends and family. I sneakily approached him from the behind and scared him, he was busy in his cellphone that he dropped it when I scared him, and I laughed at him because his face was something to be capture for his social media. Joshua picked his cellphone from the ground while saying you're mean then we both laughed together at his clumsiness.

After a few rides we were feeling a little hungry, so we grabbed some snacks like hotdog and ice cream, I get to know his likes and dislikes while we were eating;

Joshua: Tell me something about yourself!

Me: umm, what do you want to know?

Joshua: Anything you want to share, okay let me start first! I like Vanilla Ice cream more than Chocolate, what about you?

Me: I like Coffee flavor and love dark chocolates, what got you into Modeling?

Joshua: My parents! they love my expressions when we take pictures or when on game nights I posed for pictures whenever I won :D

Me: That's sweet! Do You Like Sports?

Joshua: Nah! Not really, one time I played football with my friends on the street and nearly died because I run towards the road to stop the ball at high speed and got hit by a car. My friends called my parents after that I spend 2 weeks in the hospital. So now I don't play sports, but I like swimming it helps me when my legs hurt after modeling for hours.

Me: Oh, I am sorry it happened!

Joshua: It's okay! It was my fault to run like Usain Bolt towards the road. Anyways what about you?

Me: I am on the Volleyball team at my college and love swimming also. :D

Joshua: That's Cool! So, when is your next game?

Me: Next week, it's a huge game for us because there will be selection board members for the National Team. It's going to be hard because I have exams next month.

Joshua: You are going to nailed it, don't worry!

Me: Thanks! I needed that!

After spending four hours we decided to take a short walk because the sun was dawning and the weather was beautiful, we walked half an hour then decided to go for dinner at the restaurant. I ordered Cheeseburger with Fries while he ordered Steak with mashed potatoes but we both ordered the same drink. We took selfies and after eating when we were having dessert, he told me that he is going back in the morning I said nothing just nodded my head. Joshua's phone rang and he told me its urgent and went outside to talk while I upload the picture we took to my Instagram post with #Model_from_Verona_is_here :D I lifted my eyes from the phone when I heard loud noises from outside where Joshua headed and what I saw made me so happy, there he was standing with all his friends and my sister they were holding different cardboards saying "Will You Be My....." while he was holding a cardboard sating "Girlfriend with the question mark?" and Paris was holding the heart-shaped balloons. I felt people were staring at me probably waiting for me answer too, I walked outside and heard them saying in low voices "say yes" then walked towards Joshua and stand there for a few minutes in a complete silence while showing no emotion on my face *I am dying to say yes but I want to tease him a little bit* I thought to keep that face but when I saw his happy expression was fading I hugged him while saying "Yes" in his right ear and felt him hugging me back when he relaxed. He said after pulling I thought you were going to say "No" because of your expression I laughed and told him that I wanted to tease him.

*Flashback Ends*

We visited an amusement park to take our favorite rides and went to watch the movie "Logan" also. It was quite an awesome day, we decided to spend half-day with our friends and family together, we played charades until 10 pm then we decided to go home because both Joshua and Paris have to prepare for a Fashion Show that their agency is conducting to introduce their new models. My family and I went home after half an hour and when I reached home, I texted him;

Me: I Love You! Thank you for the wonderful day and Best of luck for the Fashion Show!

Joshua: I Love You Too! Glad you enjoyed that, and you are coming, right?

Me: Of course! I am coming who is going to be there to cheer for my Best Boyfriend and my sister also plus she is new in the agency so we both are coming with her.

Joshua: That's Sweet! Okay, Goodnight Love! <3

Me: Goodnight Love <3



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