The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 12: Fashion Show

Raven's POV

My brother woke me up at 9 am because he wanted to make sure if I have prepared everything for his Fashion show. Yup I am bartending and my Café staff members are going to be catering at his fashion show which he is organizing today's evening so I have to make sure everything goes great today he had organized many fashion shows but not big like this because he said yesterday "I am going to introduce my all models to the world, I hope tomorrow our agency will take place first position in the best managing agency" I wish him good luck while hugging him.

I wore my most comfy outfit because I need to arrange everything before evening today is also the best day to promote my Café at his fashion show because there will be many other agencies and businessmen. After knotting my shoelaces, I went to the dining room where everyone is seated as always but nobody starts eating a meal if any member is not at the table. I quickly sat down and grab my plate while saying "Good Morning" to everyone. They replied and we ate breakfast in silence after finishing I told them that I am going to check how much preparation for the evening is done.

Today I am taking my father's car instead of my Beast because sometimes Micah always me to drive our parents' home after any event or vice versa. It's our kind of a tradition to never leave alone our parents or any family member so it's either him or me driving them home it's not that they can't drive, or we don't have a driver but it's out of respect towards them for all times they pick and drop whenever we wanted to go without complaining.

When I reached Paramore Café, I saw my staff members were already working this makes me happy no matter how much work is there, in the end, we complete it together. Micah called to check in the afternoon if we need anything, so I told him "Don't worry! Just focus on your agency and staff members I will manage here and will be there before your show starts". After packing everything I need to change my outfit because my clothes were all sweaty, it took me five minutes to shower and change into a new outfit.

We reached his agency where his staff members were speaking and walking fast to recheck every setup they have installed. As I walked further inside where he was talking to his Models and their managers I saw that beautiful girl *Oh Great she is going to be here how can I forget she is the new model here at Micah's agency, I just hope our eyes don't meet because then I will not be able to focus on my work here*. I heard Joshua asking that beautiful girl for her sister between their conversation I heard her name "Paris Morgan" *Oh now I know her name she seems more perfect to me and I start repeating her name in my mind and I didn't notice that I was still staring in their direction until my staff member taps me on my shoulder again*.

After few hours we are all set for the event the host announce that Bar is open, and everybody can order during the show and they will be provided. Its means I have to work fast I called my four other members to join me because it's going to be tiring to make drinks for four to five hours. The host was announcing the variety of outfit for today show at first many models came to a runway that I know but when SHE entered everybody literally pause to her, she was wearing a different type of outfit and looking more beautiful in that.

Every model walked like they are taking caution but there She was slaying every outfit and modeling like there is no tomorrow.The last outfit was jaw-dropping it takes my full strength to not drool right there so keep myself distracted I started making drinks again.

I looked at the stage when I heard Paris's name because Micah was introducing all his models to the audience. At that moment Paris and my eyes meet *Please don't keep staring* but tomy luck, she was looking in my direction even after a few minutes. She heard someone screaming her name from the audience and I notice three persons were standing there from which I recognized one girl, she was with Paris at the Cafe when Micah threw a welcome party. When It's time for serving food, I took a break from mixing drinks on my break when I was asking Micah if he needs anything the girl who was with Paris told Micah that somebody is asking for him so, Micah replied "Okay" to her and told me "It's Good, thank you for helping me out today my little sister" in a low voice because he knows I don't like people staring at me when they know I am female it's not that I hate my body or anything it's just it is my choice to open my story to anyone or not. I return to the bar because there were a lot of guests waiting for their drinks, I love doing this work it makes me happy that I can do whatever I want rather than doing some work which I don't like. My next customer was Paris asking me for a cocktail while saying;

Paris: I wanted to say thank you for the other night, nowadays very few people make stand against this.

Me: No problem! I am happy to serve people; btw my name is Raven.

I saw a smile appeared on her face and in return, she said "My Name is Paris Morgan, Nice to meet you!

Me: Nice to meet you Paris! Can you repeat your order I didn't hear it clearly?

Paris: About that! I didn't order anything yet but make me something sweet.

Me: Oh okay, make yourself comfortable then.

While I was making her drink, we heard Micah's announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen! Thank you for gracing your presence at today wonderful event. I hope everyone is enjoying and I just want to say Happy Halloween in advance" Everybody clap and cheer while saying Happy Halloween to each other. *Oh GOD! I totally forgot I have to arrange a party for the Orphanage House, I guess it's a good chance to invite Paris and her friends to my party*

Me: Umm, Paris are you available tomorrow night?

Paris: Why?

Me: Just wanted to invite you and your friends to the Halloween Party I am throwing at Paramore Café tomorrow.

Paris: That's Cool! I will be there, what are the timings?

Me: You can come at 8 pm because before that I will be busy in arranging.

Paris: Sure, I will be there and Raven thank you for inviting me 😊.

*The way she called my name is breathtaking I mean how can someone just make me feel special by calling my name. My heartbeat going fast and I think I am crushing so hard, this is happening to me for the first time. I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow*

When I reached home, I was so tired that I didn't even change my clothes.



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