The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 13: Halloween Party (Part 1)

Raven's POV

I woke up with a smile on my face while replaying what happened last night it is a first time I am excited because I have invited my crush to Halloween Party 🤩 *I am crushing so hard and I think she doesn't even know my identity yet or maybe she do, this party is going to revealed either way I am happy just to able to talk with the most beautiful girl* I showered and change into comfortable clothes because today is going to be tiring until party started, I have to arrange everything of course I am getting help from my family and co-workers but I have to make sure everyone which don't live in this area get everything they need, on these holidays like (Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc.) kids from orphanage and people from different areas are able to come in these rich side of the town. It's kind of our family tradition that we arranged a memorable day for orphanage kids rather than throwing a big party where everyone have to stuck up with boring business talking and where everyone is either trying to gain success or degrading other society's members. I know sometimes I behave like I don't belong to this side :D anyways I can't control my excitement though. Let's just hope she come to the party and I am curious what costume she gonna be wearing tonight. I decided to wear a crown as a costume because I can't see myself cover in the uptight costumes or any other characters so, I am going as a myself but in crown :D

I still remember when I wore a dress on my 7th birthday and it torn apart while playing with my friends and they kept laughing to be honest it was embarrassing but still very funny afterwards I become interested in comfy clothes and Tada! here I am as an awesome person and no one really cares what gender I am if they really know me as myself :)

Back to preparations I think it needed a little touch up then we are ready to open Paramore Cafe. My staff workers decided to wear paints on their faces while still wearing the uniform every year they came with the themes last they decided to paint clown on their face and this time black and white to look like skull face. After putting everything in place I told my staff workers to open the cafe while I go to pick up the kids from orphanage, there are almost 20 kids so I decided to take Limousine I rented especially for them because gotta make them feel worthy <3 I think they deserve everything in life because its not their fault to live in orphanages or on streets.

The drive to the Orphanage is one hour, while driving i was singing my favorite song loudly..

"Look into my eyes

You will see

What you mean to me

Search your heart

Search your soul

And when you find me there

You'll search no more

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for

You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for

You know it's true

Everything I do

I do it for you"

It's such a beautiful song I wish I can dedicate it to Paris someday, *I hope she is already there at party when I return with beautiful and cute kids. It took me 20 minutes to let settle kids into the car, they were already ready and waiting for me at the gate in the different and colorful costumes. They are from 3 to 17 years old and they are pretty good kids like when you see some cute little kid and, in an instant, wanted to adopt them. I wish they found a really wonderful families where they can live happily, I am so attached to this orphanage and them because our parents always bring me and my brother here on Sundays instead of Church. No offense but they think it's more sensible to spend time with God's creatures rather than sitting in seats for nearly 3 hours and I love this idea so whenever our parents go to business trips we come here and spend our Saturdays and Sundays in this orphanage. Kids from here are like my little siblings and really love them, I even go to their schools to pick them up if I my work is less busy hours and they love it. Out of 20 there is only one boy who is 17 years old and he really admire Micah and told me other day that he wants to be like him, his name is Alexander. He is very caring and kind boy he always makes sure that other kids are safe and sound every time they are out or even in orphanage, he puts all the kids to sleep <3. One day I spent the whole day there and really wanted to use a washroom and I went to ladies washroom so it was the day the kids know about my identity at first there were shocked but after few minutes while hugging me they told me "No matter what we still love you and you're best person that fulfill our wishes and keep them happy" their words made my day and i don't think I can ever forget that day like when Mr. Buttons died, these two days are always in my mind.

On our way to back to Cafe I played songs according to their request and it was quite an awesome collection, I always sing with them loudly and they every time told me not to because I suck at lyrics :D Alexander would always save me he is great at singing. People were gathered inside when I stop the limousine in front of Paramore Cafe, and it made me happy that everyone can enjoy the party. Kids started running towards the cafe the moment I stop the car they always do that so they can play games without wasting any time, I put many different games like darts and beer pong for adults and arcade machines for kids. After parking car I go inside to check with my staff members if everything is good, they told me some one was looking for me and I think my wish came true I asked them where the person go, only to get disappointed the person was my dad's friend he wanted to talk me about hiring his son because he waste time in partying and car racing so I told him we will talk tomorrow at working hours. I was readjusting my crown when Paris enter with the matching costumes with her friends at first i didn't recognize the character she was portraying then it hit me that she was "Clockwork Orange".

*Oh God! She looks perfect in every outfit, my heart keep pounding very fast whenever I look her and I can't help it*. She waved when she spot me and I waved back while putting the biggest smile on my face, I walk towards her direction and greet her;

Me: Hey! How are you ? I am glad you make it!

Paris: Hey! I am good and what about you? I wouldn't miss the first festival in the new city.

Me: Then It's an honor to host this party :D

Paris: Hahah! I am glad to be here.

Me: Enjoy, I have to check the bar you know where to find me when you need any drink :)

Paris: Oh ! you're still working I thought today you will be enjoying the party with other people :/

Me: I love what I do, I will join you in after some minutes so please enjoy :D

*How can I tell her I wanted to compose myself so I made an excuse, Oh GOD! why I am shy around her* I go to bar to mix some drinks for a while to compose myself,I saw her dancing with her friends and it made me so happy that she came. After a while I went to my room to freshen up because I don't want to look messy when I am with her.

To be continued....



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