The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 14 : Halloween Party (Party 2)

Raven’s POV

After freshening up I return to the party and saw Paris were dancing with her friends that put me into the good mood because at least she is enjoying unlike getting harass like the other night, I gather the courage and approached her when she saw me, she said Raven come dance with us *Thank God! :D She asked first or I would have taken then few hours, but the problem is I don’t know how to dance* I was hesitating when Paris hold my hand and drag me towards her group of friends and we danced for at least 20 minutes I don’t know what I did back there but I am happy no one laughed at me. I got tired so I excuse myself and went to check up on kids. They were so focused on games that they didn’t noticed me and I got the idea to scare them so I approached them in the lightest movements and I scream at Alexander that he nearly fall while dodging me, Alexander was not happy because I do it every time and he fall for that but I know he likes it. After a moment I saw Paris walking towards us where we were playing on arcade machines and she said,

Paris: Oh wow! I used to play Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing all the time when I go to arcade, I love this game and I want to play again, will you play with me Raven?

Me : Oh! That is cool, I love this game too, *At first, I did not even hear the question and keep wondering how to ask her to play with me*

Paris : Pretty Please ?

Me : *Alexander elbowed me so I can come back to my senses and then Alexander whispered to me that Paris is asking me to play with her* Suree…. I would love to.

Paris : Good, Game Mode on, let me tell you I am expert of this game. :D

Me : Well, Same here. Game mode on! And Paris no cheating :P

Paris : Let’s see!

We raced four different track and we are tied so eventually we have to play the fifth race to prove who is really expert for make it more interesting we also bet if I win Paris have to buy me breakfast and if she said well it’s secret for now let’s play and see who will become the winner. The race start in few seconds later and we really kept hitting the buttons so we can defeat each other and after few minutes my character’s car flipped upside down because Paris crashed my car so hard and in the end after so many taunting and laughing Paris WON! She jumped then hugged me and remind me about the bet *OH GOD! She will be the death of me*

Me : Okay! Just let me know when you want to pull the bet card on me!

Paris : Sure :D I will.

Me : Paris ? Would you like to take the offer of breakfast? *I do not know what came over me that I asked her out for breakfast out of blue at first, she was startled and then she nods*

Paris : When will be the café open ? I will be here 😊

Me : You can come at 9 am here !

Paris : Okay Sure. 😊

We talked until her friends came and told that they are going home, and I looked on my watch only to see its already midnight. After few minutes we said goodbye! *I think I will not be able to sleep tonight, I am excited :D* 2 hours later we were done with the cleaning and dropping the kids back at orphanage. I went to home and saw my parents were sitting in the Patio, I greeted them and kissed their cheeks and in returned they kissed on my forehead and asked how the day went, for a while we talked then I fell asleep on my mom’s lap.



Finally I got the chance to update the new chapter, sorry I can’t update fast because one its hard and then I too busy with other stuff that I sometimes forget what to write..
Hope you like this chapter too 😊

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