The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 1 : New State

Paris's POV


I hate that sound. I reached to dismiss the alarm clock instead I hit the snooze button. I was on verge of dozing off again when it started ringing again after 5 minutes *ugh*.

"Kids! Wake up! We have a Morning Train!" Our Father yelled from the other side of our room's door.

I decided to sleep again when I remembered we have to move to another state today because we are broke, my father's boss betrayed him and when my father threatened to expose the company. His boss fired him to maintain a company reputation. So now we're moving to our father's hometown in Verona, Italy. He is the best guy in our life, my younger sister and I have learned many things from him like how to be kind or never raise your voice to our elders, etc.. He always makes time for us from his busy schedule even after Mom's death. Our father moved here when he married mom leaving his hometown because mom cannot move to another state due to her parent's illness.

Our mom passed away when I was 9 years old and Hope was 4 years old. She died due to Cancer and we found out at very last stage, she always refused to go hospital whenever father asked her.

I get up and begin to do my morning routine. After brushing my teeth, hair and putting perfume all over my body. I wake my younger sister up and walk to the kitchen for breakfast which our father already made because he knows we gonna be late if we decide to make breakfast.

Oh my Gosh! I totally forgot to introduce myself! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Paris Morgan. I am a 24-year-old struggling model. I have long ginger brown hair, hazel eyes, plump lips, light skin. I don't want to brag but I am Gorgeous.

My family consists of only 3 people it sometimes gets lonely but most of the times we are happy. I, my dad and Hope live in Bologna, Italy but now we are going to move to a different state.

Now let's get back to our kitchen!

We talked during stuffing our food in the mouth because we are trying to save little bit time for rechecking everything that is necessary to take back to the old house. We put our bags in a taxi and leave for the Verona.

After 2 hours of traveling, we reached our house and start setting necessary things. This house has 3 bedrooms so its good because now we don't have to share rooms, I don't hate my little sister but sometimes its annoying to see her boyfriend Joshua playing games on the computer whenever he gets the free time he always visits. Joshua is good boy plus model and they are dating for 2 years already, I am happy that they are always on a nice term, they were doing a long-distance relationship but now we moved Verona where Joshua also lives. They met at my former modeling agency and kind of click at the first meeting and I am single, I don't do relationships because its time taking that I don't have. I have to work hard in my former agency to get fame but now I have to start from the beginning in this state.

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