The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 2 : New Agency

Paris's POV

Today, I woke up early in the morning because I don't want to be late at my new Agency where Joshua recommended me as a Model and on the other hand my best friend (Olivia Ross) will be my manager too. I am very happy and I hope the owner of this Agency is nice and kindhearted person because I was so fed up from my former Agency's Owner, he was cruel and never appreciated anyone he just wants to make money nothing else.

So, I did my morning routine and woke Hope up for her high school and went to kitchen to eat Choco cereal and Juice. Father was there also he was making him a cup of Coffee he has to find a new job also here, its like we have restarted our lives except our ages.

After that, I took a bus to Agency and went to reception to get the information regarding whereabouts of Olivia and Joshua. I meet them in the Photoshoot room where Joshua was modeling with younger model that looks so cute by the way ;)

My best friend hug the life out of me, she moved here after graduation because her family was here also. She is very happy that I am here and especially working with her now. She is also very pretty but Straight so I always think her as my sister. She is very smart and bold sometimes. One time she just drag me to strangers whom were staring at me, and what she said to them I was surprised to hear that, Take a picture of her it will last long and I was there standing with the open mouth then I hit her and went to shop where I was buying the new Pjs.

This Agency building is big and beautiful, and most of the building is also made of glass like you can see through one room to another so its like most of the time you can check out what other people are doing or just spend time watching the beautiful sky above our agency.

Everybody there is nice and friendly they even told me about welcome party that the agency owner give after assigning new models and staff members, so I am excited to meet the owner of this agency. Micah Harlem, young and smart fashion icon and businessman as the people state he is like a natural businessman that aim for higher fame through his agency but some people are also envy him for being this young and successful. He is really nice but he is not my type :D As his assistant called me for interview he literally stand up for greetings like true gentleman and invite me to sit. As he started interviewing me, he also ask why I left my previous agency so I told him about my previous journey, he nod in understanding and gesture me to continue about my experiences. I told him about my previous experiences and meeting Joshua at one event. Micah told me I am hired on the basis of my experiences and little bit of Joshua’s recommendation as he literally grew up in this Agency. After that Micah tell everyone about tonight welcome party at his family café.

I am really excited about this welcome party because in my previous agency all did was modeling and listen my manager's orders every time I tried to do something new. Olivia and I went to my house for selecting my dress for tonight’s occasion.



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