The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 3 : Welcome Party

Paris's POV

I am getting ready for party tonight, but my best friend keep bothering me about what to wear or how much powder I apply to my face, I told her that leme get ready first then you can highlight what i am missing she agreed after debating to herself.

I wore my favorite black short dress (i suck at describing clothes :3). After that i called Olivia from bathroom as she entered, she really seems happy that i am wearing this dress rather than t-shirt and jeans. Olivia was also wearing short dress but it was Black and White. As we retouched our makeup and checked ourselves in the mirror, capturing selfies after that i knocked my sister's door as she was also coming, Joshua invited her and Micah does allow everyone if they wanna bring their plus one they can so there she is getting ready for party. We said goodbye to my father and kissed his cheek.

Olivia have a car as she was settled here and earning quite enough at this agency. We drove to Paramore Cafe which was 1 hour away from my home. She stopped at front gate and give the keys to valet. We entered the cafe that was almost full if we haven't been invited i am sure we couldn't get free seats available. Micah was seating at the end of the table (12 seater) and was chatting with his assistant and Joshua. We approach them and took the available seats because Micah started with warm welcome speech and I really feel blessed to start a modeling at this agency it started to feel like a family member after few exchanges of words that were really good. After eating dinner we were allowed to roam around the cafe and do whatever we want as Joshua and Hope was taking selfies I caught Olivia who was keep watching Micah so i pused her towards Micah :p and they start talking about managing my schedule and Photoshoot.

I wanted to drink some cocktail because everything was free of price today for our agency members and modelers. As I walk towards the bar I was hit by a man as he was fully drunk and swaying with his friends, I ignored this and approach the bartender.

*Shoot the person is really handsome and hot as they pouring drinks for the customers*

And ask for the cocktail as our eyes meet for the first time it was like i was struck by lightening they were staring at me too but Alas! the other girl from the stool called the bartender's attention, I caught a glimpse of nametag on the bartender's uniform it says "Rave" I thought about the name and keep reminding it in my mind to make a full name but i was called by Rave as they give me cocktail I ordered.

I was drinking my cocktail as the man from earlier who hit me sat next to me and start babblering about dancing with him and I kept ignoring him until he stand up and grabbed me by wrist and start dragging me, I tried to stopped him by pushing and keeping my grip on stool but he was a total jerk and kept saying about dancing with him as I was struggling because he was taller than me so I scream for help and i don't know when Rave the bartender come to my side and freed my wrist from the jerk as Rave pushed him back and told him to leave the bar for causing trouble. Man start shouting how he just wanted to have a dance with me and then left with full anger because bartender called the cafe security to drag him out.

After that I thanked Rave for coming to my aid and they literally smile at me while saying 'no problem' and went back to their position. My friends and boss also came to check the scene at bar after watching security guard was dragging the man out and I told them about the man while kept thinking about the bartender's kindness. I think i got myself a *crush*...

When we ended our drinks and looked the time it was nearly 11 am so we decided to go home because Father also said to be home before 12 am. Its not that he gonna scold or beat us but he set the curfew for our own's sake and safety.

Olivia dropped Hope and me at our home and went to her house which was 10 blocks away from our home. I and Hope went inside after saying goodbye to Olivia and saw our father was sleeping on a sofa that was in living room so we got him blanket from his bedroom and went to our rooms.

I changed into Pjs and lay down after sending thankyou message to Olivia for picking and dropping us, as I drove off to sleep I kept thinking about Rave the Bartender and my new agency. I think its a good start for me and my family because I can spend time for few days as Olivia was marking my schedule.



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