The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 4 : Paramore Café

Raven's POV

Leme introduce myself to you I am "Raven Harlem", age 23 and I have everything I need except for partner because I don't do relationships not because of broken heart or something but I believe no one understands you whatever they say. I am rich and owns a Café which also has bar because I love mixing drinks like my mother used to do when I was little, she always mix me different kinds of juices so I can't tell what fruit I don't like to eat or drink and that's how I love mixing drinks so people can't guess the particular taste they are drinking but they enjoys it even more because of surprise ingredients. I also love to design buildings and have an Architecture Degree which I used when I designed my Café with my father, he is the one who got me into Architecturing.

Currently, I am working as a bartender in my own Café as I am keeping a low profile because I don't like attention as much as my brother do, he is the owner of Modeling Agency because he loves Fashion and believe he this is the way of knowing about every fashion. Micah called me in the afternoon after recruiting new members and models that he will throw a party at my Café like everytime because he loves what my dad and I did with the Café, We both have design something unique like Paramore Café is both a full dining restaurant in the morning for breakfast and lunch but in the night the bar is alive :D we just need to press some buttons and our Café interior changes as we want. Sure, we have spent plenty of money on this Café but it was worth it.

*Back to the Bartending*

As I was mixing drinks for customers, my eyes catching a scene on a dance floor there was a beautiful girl who was trying to ignore the man who keeps dancing around her like a predator when I was about to go and help the girl she did it on her own, she ignore him and keep walking straight to the bar so I went back to mixing more drinks for customers until she asks me for the cocktail as our eyes meet for the first time it was like I was struck by lightening she was staring at me too but Alas! the other girl from the stool called me, I caught a glimpse of her as she was trying to read my nametag so I slightly turn for her to read without her knowing it.

*Oh God! She is so beautiful I can't handle it and but I quickly recovered because I don't do relationships*

As I, was mixing cocktail for her I saw the man from earlier as he making his way for a bar. I handed her the cocktail and went to mix another drink for the customer. The man approach the barstool and sat next to a beautiful girl and start babblering about dancing with him and she kept ignoring him until he stands up and grabbed her by wrist and start dragging her, she scream for help after struggling so I left my spot and pushed him back as I told him to leave the bar for causing trouble. Man start shouting how he just wanted to have a dance with het and then left with full anger because I called the Café security to drag him out.

After that she thanked me for coming to her aid and I genuinely smile at her while saying 'no problem' and went back to my position. I saw her colleagues and my brother also came to check the scene at bar after watching security guards was dragging the man out and they left because the girl said goodbye to my brother.

*But man, she a total beauty and if this is a new model for my brother's agency I think he will make more fortune in few months*

After closing the Café I called my staff members and security team for a meeting, I told them to leme know if they see what happened today in the future and give them right to drag the people out of the bartender because we don't want that kind of people causing trouble or disturbing other customers no matter the gender because everyone has a right to get protection if they aren't capable of doing on their own, it is nothing to be ashamed of because sometimes people treats you like a less worthy person.

I reached my house at 2 am, I know its early for a bar to be close at 2 am but as I also runs a restaurant in the morning at 7 am so I need to take a rest to be active in the morning. I always change the interior before leaving the bar so I don't have to do more work in the morning because it takes 1 hour to settle a interior for an restaurant and vice versa.



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