The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 5 : Second Encounter

Raven's POV


I don't like that sound. I reached to dimiss the alarm clock instead I hit the snooze button. I was on verge of dozing off again when it start ringing again after 5 minutes *ugh*. I watched the time on the clock it says 5 am.Its time for workout. After workout I took a shower and I changed my clothes for Café.

I didn't get to sleep much because of my busy working schedule, I know I am rich and all but I don't wanna waste my parents money anymore on my hobbies like collecting Motorcycles and interests like having a gaming room. If something I learned from earning money is that its not good to boast about your family wealth. I have seen many people working really hard to make just enough money to feed the family so I don't like boasting money in front of any people because ypu don't know what people are going through and I think everybody deserve to live the best life. Some people are just surviving not living their lives.

I went to our dining room and my dad, mom and my brother were waiting for me to come before eating on their own. Its our house rule that you gotta wait for the others then start eating breakfast or dinner. We are often busy with work so whenever we got more time we spend with our family. I love my family very much ❤️.

After eating breakfast, I kissed my parent's cheeks and hugged my brother while saying them good-bye. I went to garage and decided to take the beast out.

I reached the Café in 20 minutes because of the distance between my house and Paramore Café. I parked the beast in my spot as where I parked it everyday, no one comes early to stole my spot anyway. I opened Café at 7 am daily because my families and working people come to eat mostly at 8 am. I am the only one who cooked at this time because my chefs come at 9 am and my other staff members come at 7:30 am because I needed them.

I opened bar usually at 6 pm but today I have lots of customers in the Café so I decided to open at 7 pm, sometimes it happens customers come at very last moment even the timings of Café and Bar written on the glass-door regardless of their stupidity I don't make them leave. After changing the interior of the cafe and decided to take a shower in my room that I built because of late shifts. I decided to wear a t-shirt and jeans.

After shower, I told my staff to open the bar and start doing their work. I have about 35 staff members just for the bar because this place that my father and I built is huge it can accommodate 500 people at the same time. I went to spot as the customers started making their way to the Bar for drinks. I was mixing drink while playing the last night event in my mind that beautiful girl whose name I don't know yet or that if she will come again here. I was lost in my own world that I didn't notice someone was calling me until my coworker tapped on my shoulder to get my attention I apologized and catch a glimpse of that beautiful girl holding her hand while asking for a cocktail as our eyes meet again I kept staring at her and to my surprise she was also staring back then I avert my eyes from her and asked her what she wanted to drink. She ordered and I quickly start making drink because I was losing focus if I see her staring at me.

After handing her drink I decided to take a break from bar and went to room to freshen up. I checked my phone and saw the time it was already 12 am I didn't know how the time passed this quickly but I am sure if she is here everyday I will not be able to focus on work and I didn't even know her name. She know me as Rave because she probably have read my nametag when I handed her a drink yesterday.

*Thank God! Tomorrow is my day off, I take off Wednesdays because its a middle day of the week and on my day off I rode my bike around the town to feel the beautiful nature and spent half day with family playing videogames or watching movies together.*



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