The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 6: Mr. Buttons

Raven's POV

Today is my day off and I decided to visit my grandparents in Bologna, Italy because today is also the day Mr. Buttons died in a car accident 15 years ago.

*Flashback Starts*

Mr. Buttons was beautiful dog and very friendly, whenever I went for vacations to grandparents when I was little, He was always there to play with me, so I don't miss my parents very much. My grandparents love him so much as much as I love him because he was so cute no one can hate him if they see him and spent day with him. When I was 4, one day I called him Mr. Buttons because of his spotted skin and I think he like the name a lot because he starts licking my face with happiness, so my grandparents also decided to call him Mr. Buttons. We had played many hides and seek games and to be honest every time he hides in the same spot, so it was so easy to find him :D

My brother and I were the only ones who spent our vacation at grandparents because our parents went for business trip to enlarge my father's business and it was easy when we both siblings spent most of the time with them no matter how rich we are, our parents raised us by themselves no nannies or maids to do our basic chores. My parents love to spent time with us and sometimes that was holding their most of the time of their working schedule so when my brother was 5 years old he told my parents to drop him off at my grandparents' house in Bologna for vacations and then when it's all started. Every vacation he went to grandparents and spent time with them and after five years when I was born, he was so excited that he called our grandparents and told them to stay at least 2 years with us out for all the time he had spent there. Our grandparents agreed because our father did build their rooms if they ever wanted to stay at our house. We have many memories together in our house that we did not wished to change our house ever. When I was 3 years old my maternal grandmother died, she was sick since I was born because before that her husband had died recently so I get very attached to her because my mother always sleeps in her bedroom with me. Micah and I are very blessed to born in this family ♥️.

After some years we decided to spend our vacations again at our father's parents, when I was 8 years old and Micah was 13 years old, we decided to play Frisbee at our front yard. Micah threw Frisbee in the road direction mistakenly and Mr. Buttons decided to run towards the road before me and then after few minutes one taxi was coming very fast, the driver did pushed the brakes but it was too late Mr. Buttons was already hit and died in the spot 😭. When we run towards the road to check on him, he was no more as we were crying we saw the passenger came out of Taxi and continuously saying sorry, taxi driver was also in the shock that he closed his eyes and started hitting his head on the steering wheel but when I saw in the backseat there were two girls, one was about my age and other was younger than me they were already crying badly, I couldn't get it why they were crying this badly and I think their father looked very defeated the moment he came out of the Taxi. So, our grandparents told me and Micah to go inside the house and after that we saw them exchanging few words to passengers and taxi driver before they also came inside while carry Mr. Buttons. Our parents came from their business trip next day to stay with us until the vacations end.

*Flashback Ends*

No matter what I tried I can't erase this memory out of my mind. Whenever I think about this event which happened on 15th May,2003. I can't get the conclusion why the girls were crying or why the taxi driver was driving this fast.

I asked our grandparents after few years what they were talking about after we went inside the house and they always said that the passengers were in the hurry to get hospital and driver was their close friend, so he was trying to get the family there in time. After that I didn't asked about them but always wonder what happened with them.



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