The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 7: Dearest Mother

Paris's POV

I woke up early today because we need to visit our mom's grave in our previous hometown, Bologna. Its been 15 years since our mom passed away when I was 9 years old and Hope was 4 years old. She died due to Cancer and we found out at very last stage, she always refused to go hospital whenever dad asked her.

*Flashback Starts*

15 years ago, today our dad receives a call from the hospital that mom situation is critical we need to reach there. Our dad came home to check on us because he was staying at the hospital past few days we were staying at home with neighbor. Our neighbors were very nice and caring they always take care of us like their own children, their son was martyr in war.

We don't own a car so when we receive a call from the hospital our neighbor who also drives a taxi offer us to take there. First Uncle David were driving at normal speed but when we got stuck in the traffic jam he started rushing towards the hospital after few turns, we were like in the air, our dad was comforting us that our mom will be fine because Hope and I started crying. Our dad was saying to uncle David to slow the speed because he didn't want any accidents as he was saying the word 'accidents' uncle stomp on the brakes so hard but it was too late we already hit something, when we saw two kids were coming to scene to check that when uncle David said I hit the dog and start hitting his own head on steering wheel in regret. As we were already crying our dad gets out of the taxi to explain our situation, but he was also shock from the accident until the kid's family also came from the front yard of their house, he didn't utter a sound. Boy who was older than a girl, was checking on their dog but the girl who was about my age was watching us as I was trying to comfort my little sister. After our dad and uncle David explains the situation to the kid's family, we went to hospital see the doctor and nurses were rushing towards the mom's room in a hurry.

After 10 minutes passing doctor inform our dad that mom have been passed few minutes ago, we didn't even got a chance to say her goodbye, Uncle David start pacing and muttering that 'this is all his fault that we didn't reached here on time' so our dad told him this is not anyone's fault. Dad told uncle David to take us home and inform our family and friends so then can reached on the funeral on time.

No matter what I tried I can't erase this memory out of my mind. Whenever I think about this event which happened on 15th May,2003. We caused the accident today 15 years ago, but we couldn't do anything on that time. I still remember that girl who was watching us with confusion on her face, I didn't even get a chance to say sorry to her. I hope that family is doing fine.

*Flashback Ends*

We decided to spend the whole day in Bologna and revisiting the places we have been there with our mom it was like our own tradition; we miss her so much. Our parents got married when they were 20, my maternal grandparents were ill so our dad decide to move here leaving his hometown because mom cannot move to another State. My dad loves her so much he even left his job and house to live with mom. Their love was pure, they always find a way talk after any argument because my dad always told me that he couldn't she my mom upset neither she could so they always manage to come back to each other no matter what even uncle David and aunt Sarah told many stories like how our parents always fight on silly things but they always manage. I think this quote definitely suits on them "If a person keeps coming back and you love each other enough to keep forgiving past mistakes, maybe you were really meant for each other". Maybe one day I can find a person who loves me for who I am not for my appearance and success.



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