The Billionaire Bartender

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Chapter 8: Adventure Time

Paris's POV

After spending the whole day in Bologna, we reached our home late night, so we decided to sleep without talking to each other because we were all in our own world thinking about our beautiful memories we had made with our mom and dad.

Today Olivia called early in the morning to tell me about the day trip around the Verona, she is my guide, so I better listen to her before she starts annoying me. She also Joshua and Hope to get ready because we always spend day off together either going to water-park or some historical place.

We are having breakfast when Joshua and Olivia arrived at our home and decided to help themselves because our dad made plenty of food. After eating Joshua and Hope decided to play 'The Last of Us' on PlayStation because Hope was already dressed up.

Olivia dressed up in black so I decided to match the outfitwith her as Joshua and Hope did.

After getting ready we packed some snacks and water bottles for the ride. As usual Olivia is driving, she said we are going to 'San Fermo Maggiore' for sightseeing. Whole ride we fought about songs because of our different taste in music as Olivia like Pop Music but Hope and Joshua like Hip Hop so we decided to play songs our favorite songs one by one because ride is long and we didn't want to waste any minute in fighting about silly things but this is also the charm of our group aside of different ages. Olivia is two years older than me while Hope and Joshua are five years younger than me.

We reached 'San Fermo Maggiore' after one hour as Olivia were telling us about the spots Joshua took the hand of Hope and disappeared while screaming to meet on our parking spot after one or two hours later. So, Olivia and I decided to wander around the place. After few minutes of walking I saw a board describing the history of this place "The first San Fermo Maggiore was built in the eighth century in memory of saints Fermo and Rustico, believed at the time to have been martyred in the arena. It was replaced in the 11th century with the present structure, and the crypt is the only surviving part of the original. The current church retains its 11th-century Romanesque lower portion, with a Gothic upper section from the 13th-14th century. The facade is beautifully decorated in marble. The church houses a 14th-century wooden crucifix and Alessandro Turchi's Adoration of the Shepherds." One hour later walking and taking selfies we decided to sit on half-wall because we have both have to catch up on our life. I decided to start with the family talk.

Me : So how is your parents ? (Olivia is the only child of her parents also who was born after 5 years of marriage, so her parents love her so much.)

Olivia : They are good and happy because you are here that means they can easily go on trips without worrying about me, I can stay at your home whenever they go on trips or whenever I wanted to spend quality time with you. We are practically gonna see each other daily in Agency but its never enough to spend time with my best friend. What about you, how are you holding up after yesterday visit to Bologna?

Me : I told her that I miss my mom very much and after the places we visited yesterday I can saw her there with us, I am still upset a little bit because of the hard times she spend in her last few months without saying how much she was suffering, she was always like this never telling us about her health issues because all her life she spend time taking care of ill parents even after getting married. She was only child of her parents and my dad fell in love with her after seeing her strong and caring persona despite of her situation. (I already knew she gonna asked me this question because whenever I am feeling down despite putting my biggest smile she always knows when I am faking it or genuinely happy that's why I love her so much, she is always there for me). While talking about my mom I didn't notice tears escaped from my eyes but when Olivia hugged me to comfort, I noticed them and sobbed on her shoulder.

Olivia : Its okay girl to cry you know I am here for you always.

As I was wiping my tears Olivia's phone rang the screen displaying the Joshua's name on it, she put the call on the speaker and asked Joshua what happened. Joshua said it's been 3 hours and they both are tired now, wanted to go to eat. I see the time on my wristwatch while signaling Olivia to tell her I am going to use restroom because I don't want to worry my little sister and her boyfriend. She also stands up while saying to Joshua that we are coming in a bit. We came out of the restroom after getting sure that my face doesn't show any sign of crying. When we reach to the car, we saw Hope and Joshua were lying on the hood they were busy on their phones so, Olivia and I decided to scare them from the back. I shouted to Joshua "Yo, what are you guys doing in the public?" and saw Olivia shouting the exact words to Hope, they both hit their into each other because of the sudden voices and both started laughing as they were trying to understand what had happened. They both start hitting us because we did get the people to stare on them to see what they are doing. Olivia told us she is treating us dinner today probably because next time I have to treat them for landing a job. As we are ordering our food Olivia's phone rang and she mouthed us to stay quiet it is from our Agency. After few yes's and no's, she told us about my first photo shoot tomorrow that is going to happen in the afternoon. They all shouted for a party, so I told them after photo shoot we will decide. It was already 8 pm so decided to return our homes, first we dropped Joshua to his house that is in the different neighborhood from us. Hope hopped from the car to hug him while leaving him to his doorsteps, Olivia turn to me and told me she is excited to work together from tomorrow.

*To be honest, I am very happy and excited to work with her too she is like my good luck that I never imagine losing her, she is really cares and supports me in every situation.*

When we reached home, I hugged and told her to see her tomorrow morning instead of afternoon because I already knew she is going to come in the morning to doll me up for the first photo shoot. Dad was on the call in the living room and pacing around room so, Hope and I decided to sit on the couch to listen about his day after-all we are seeing each other after the 10 hours. I asked Hope did she had a good time today or not, she was about say yes but dad chimed in while doing the happy dance, so we also joined him without knowing the news. Dad stop after few moves and told us that he got the job at the big company, we hugged him while congratulating him and I also told him about my first photo shoot as he hears my news, he immediately hugs me then kissed both of our foreheads.

*It was his way of showing love and saying he is proud of us; he is doing a good job in raising us by showing through his examples of a good parent. I really hoped every child gets a dad like him so they can grow up in a better and safe world.*

I told them goodnight and went to room to take a long warm bath because it calms me down, as I was lying in the bathtub I think about the today it was really good plus lucky for me and my dad as we both landed the new job on the same day. After changing into t-shirt and shorts I marked today's date in my phone.



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