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What would you do if one day your life turns upside down? This was exactly how Bryanna and Britteny felt like. They were born with a silver spoon but everything changed when their dad lost his job. "I got fired". Their dad dropped the bomb. "This can't be happening to me!! This is a freaking nightmare!! Someone please wake me up!!" Britteny screamed. They got ridiculed and to make matters worst, they were drove out of their house. When it seems all hope was lost, their uncle came to their rescue and helped them. They moved to Canada to start afresh. Along the way came the one and only Aurelio Bobo Lee the son of the famous most richest and powerful man in the world and only heir to the BL corporation. Will Bryanna and Britteny able to adapt to the change in their life? Follow Bryanna and Britteny as they overcome every challenge they face on their life and possibly find romance. This story is original written by me, plagiarism is strictly prohibited. You can check out my first story, 'BLUE BLOOD'.

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“Britteny, I’m so sorry honey but just follow your sister to school”. Catherina, their mother, looked at her daughter apologetically. “Love you, here is some money for you to use”. She hurriedly left the house.

Yup this is Bryanna's life. They are freaking rich, her parents try their best to provide for she and her sister. But sadly, they've grown apart because they have no time as a family. Most of the time we all do our own thing, the only time we get to spend together as a family is during the weekend. Bryanna and her sister are two different words apart, Britteny is a bitch but on a different level, Bryanna is not but they always have each other back, or rather, Bryanna always got her sister's back. Well as for school, they attend the most expensive and pretestious school in London, they are allowed to wear whatever they want to school.

“Eww! Don’t tell me you are wearing that disgusting dress to school”.

‘Here comes the bitch’. Bryanna silently said. “What’s wrong with my dress?” she asked looking at her dress.

“First of all, that is a fashion disaster, I can’t even believe we are even related”. Britteny catwalked down wearing a pink Zanzea short sleeve short vertidos robes plunge v-neck sexy bandage mini dress, pink thick heel waterproof short Martin boots ,genetic pink small round sling bag, gold bohemia pearl love heart double layer necklace, gold reptile ear cuff clip earrings and her gold bracelets. Her long platinum blonde hair was styled as side fishtail braid with hair wrap and braided wraparound.

“Can we just go now? I don’t wanna be late”. Bryanna grumbled.

“Shut up”. Britteny walked down and catwalked out.

“Drama queen”, she whispered and followed her outside.

Britteny drove her pink ferrari portfolio to the gate, “Hop on Bryan”. She grumbled silently and entered the car. “Fasten your seat belt for your safety”.

Before Bryanna could do it she drove off in full speed.

“BRITTENY!!” I yelled.

“Hey Yanna!” Samantha waved at her. Sam is Bryanna best friend basically since they were in diapers.

“What happened you came late?” Sam asked proping herself beside Bryanna locker.

“Hey Sam, Britteny happened”. She grumbled as she opened her locker.

“I just heard a big news”. Samantha said excitedly.

“What is the news?” Bryanna asked closing her locker.

“We are getting a new transfer student, I heard he’s quite a catch”. Sam said happily.

“Well good for the school”.

“At least pretend to be excited”. Sam rolled her eyes as she followed Bryanna.

“You know I’m not interested bedsides I have you to be all excited about it”. She retorted sticking out my tongue.

“Why I’m i still friends with you?” Sam rolled her eyes.

“Because you love me”. She smiled.

“Eww.. Gross that should be illegal”. Sam acted dramatically.

“And I’m the only one who can tolerate you”. Bryanna said proudly. They both laughed.

Ring ring

The bell rang for everyone to go to their classes.

“Ugh.. I have history this morning, not fair”. Sam grumbled.

“Lol, your bad, besides history is not that hard, I have mathematics this morning”.

“I wish I was like you, anyway gotta run to class or else Mr Clark will give me detention even if I’m one minute late”.

“Then see you at lunch in our usual spot”. Bryanna waved at Sam.

“Sure no problem!” Sam yelled and sprinted down the hall.

“Good morning class”. Miss Sheila greeted as she entered the class, immediately the whole class quieted down. “I believe you guys used your weekend doing your assignment because today you are submitting it”.

“ugh....“. The whole class grumbled.

“Quiet down! Oh before I forget, clear your desk, it’s time for an improtu test”.

“Noooo”. The class shouted with terror.

“No need to panic but just keep in mind that this test is part of your assessment so you can fail or pass it, it’s totally up to you”. Miss Sheila smiled. “Bryanna distribute the question”.

Bryanna got up and shared the questions to everyone.

“The test is just thirty minutes, your time starts now, good luck”. Miss Sheila smiled, “No cheating, if you are caught cheating you will not be given any mark for the test and your exam, so you automatically fail this subject”. She said smiling slyly.

“Bryanna, open your work properly I can’t see”. Rickky kicked her chair from behind.

“Leave me alone”. Bryanna whispered.

“Nope, until you show me the answers”.

She ignored him and continued writing. Seeing that she isn’t answering him again, he pinched her back from behind.

“Ouch!..Stop”. She whispered yelled.

“Nope until you show me”. He continued pinching her.

“Bryanna is there a problem?” miss Sheila asked.

“Nope ma, all is good”. She lied using her eyes to warn him to behave or else she’s gonna report.

“OK then, continue”. She smiled and walked away.

Thirty minutes later,

“Times up! Drop your pen, if you are still writing then you automatically fail”. Miss Sheila smiled at the class, “Now form a straight line with your paper and submit”. She instructed. The whole class grumbled and complied. “Thanks for your participation, oh yes before I leave, submit your assignment to Bryanna, Bryanna bring the assignment to my desk in twenty minutes time”. Miss Sheila smiled before she left the class.

“Times up! I’m going to submit the assignment, anybody remaining?” I stood up with the pile of assignments in my hands. Seeing as no one is moving I walked out of the classroom heading straight to the teachers staff room.

“Ahhhh!! Noooo!!” I cried as someone ran into me and I watched the whole assignments fly up in the sky before scattering around. “Shit! Can’t you watch were you are going!” I angrily got up trying to pick up the assignment.

“I’m so sorry, I was in a rush for my next class that I didn’t see you there, here let me help you”. The boy said bending down and picking some of the papers.

“Obviously you are blind not to see me”. Bryanna angrily said as she picked the last assignment.

“Here, I’m so...” the words got up in his throat as he stared at her speechless. She took the papers from him. She was so beautiful, she wore an oversize baggy shirt and sweatpants, her long dark brown hair was messy so she used her hand to arrange it, her beautiful light hazel eyes stared at the papers with relief as she counted them, her red lips moving, her beautiful white porcelain skin was clearly visible in her baby face.

“Thank goodness it’s complete no one got lost”. She smiled happily before turning on her heel and sprinting ahead.

“She’s beautiful, I wonder who she is, she didn’t even look at me”. He muttered, “Oh shit I’m late”, he continued running to his class.

“I’m sorry I’m late, here are the assignments miss Sheila”. Bryanna breathe relieved and dropped the assignment on the table.

“No problem, you may leave”.

Bryanna bowed and left.

Later, lunch time.

“Hey Sam”. Bryanna greeted as she dropped her tray of food on the table and sat down.

“Hey yanna, guess who came to my class today?” she asked excitedly.

“Who?” Bryanna asked biting her crisp grilled cheese sandwich.

“You are no fun, glutton”.

“I’m hungry okay”. Bryanna pouted drinking her yogurt before continuing wolfing down on her crisp grilled cheese sandwich.

“Well.... The new guy and he is sooo handsome!” Samantha squealed. “Are you even listening to me?” Sam asked pouting.

“Yea yea go on”.

“You are no fun”. She playfully hit her head.

“At least your day was better than mine”.

“What happened?” Sam asked eating her potato salad.

“Well, we wrote math test today and Rickky kept disturbing me, he is so annoying and won’t leave me alone”. Bryanna grumbled angrily stabbing the chicken.

“Do you want an honest opinion?” Sam asked.

“You are gonna say it even if I don’t want”.

“Well, you know that guy actually likes you”.Sam winked.

“That’s disturbing, you are blind”. Bryanna made a vomiting sign.

“You have a secret crush”. Sam tease laughing.

“Please don’t ever say that, I’m gonna throw up if you continue”.

“What’s going on?” Samantha asked staring at the large crowd in front of the cafeteria.

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