The Blue Wizard

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There are many paths to the top of the mountain. This man, The Blue Wizard, climbs onward. This is the tale of a man who seeks to achieve enlightenment and, if he can, help those around him to do the same. From the land of his birth to the lands of strangers he wanders; searching for truth and for ultimate understanding.

Other / Fantasy
J.D. Wheeler
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The Uninitiated

There are those who will never know. There are those who will never understand. Never want to understand. Never could understand. There are those who will take the collective sum of his experiences and add them up to nothing more than a madman’s ravings or a lunatic’s hysteria. They, the uninitiated, will ignore or deny the visions, dreams, and experiences of The Blue Wizard. Being once like them, with no thoughts of drawing back the veil which separates one dimension of existence from another, he found himself curiously thrust upon a path towards enlightenment. The path was and is not a pleasant one. The path is strewn with the bodies of the ignorant, the weak, and those with impure motives. For the Blue Wizard, the beginning was simple enough. He was not born into wealth nor power but to a humble family, the likes of which was not uncommon. His parents, being of somewhat dogmatic character, saw to keep his feet from treading all but their own straightforward path. In his youth, their path was tread without much question, but as he aged, he began to see things in a different light. In his own opinion, his folk had raised him too well. He was taught to question everything, in the thought that every answer would be answerable only by their god, but as he pondered and philosophized he realized that we have as many answers as god, for the line between Man and God is not so great as thought his folk. Indeed, there was no line at all. Upon this realization, The Blue Wizard set out on his own quest for knowledge. Having entered his full manhood, he left the land of his father in search of himself, and by searching for himself he also searched for humanity; and by searching for humanity he also searched for divinity.

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