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Episode 16

Episode 16

The next day, two teens were at the cliffside along one the shorelines of the island. Alex and Baxter were celebrating. They had successfully robbed a small grocery store and got away with it. They only wished their favorite punching bag was around to pin the blame on. They clinked their beer bottles and they each took a drink.

“That was amazing. What a rush. Those idiots didn’t even know what was going on,” Baxter said.

“So much for their security cams. You would think we would’ve been caught. It was way too easy,” Alex said. “The cashier should’ve known better not to abandon her post and leave her till unprotected.”

“Yeah. We got lucky this time. Next time, we should do it at night when everyone is gone. We could probably get away with more money,” Baxter said, then took a sip of his beer.

“Dude, I’m telling you. We should rob a bank next,” Alex said.

“Are you nuts?! We’d definitely get caught. I ain’t going to prison.”

“Come on, don’t be a pussy. What are you afraid of? The supposed “Ink Murderer” that might not even be real?” Alex taunted. “Come on. The police probably cooked that one up.”

“If he or she isn’t real, then how did that girl on the news get her spine viciously yanked out?” Baxter asked.

“Man, I don’t know, another crazy serial killer,” Alex scoffed with an eye roll.

“Man, I don’t know what to think. You know our island has a bad history with magic. Hell, maybe all of Hawaii has a bad history with magic. Damn...I should’ve paid better attention in school,” Baxter said with a hint of fear and a shudder.

“Pfffft! It’s all a bunch of hocus-pocus nonsense. Magic ain’t real,” Alex said.

“You don’t know that! What about that freaky cult that used magic to commit all those crimes.”

“Dude, would you stop? Magic. Ain’t. Real!”

“Magic ain’t real? Well, damn. That kills everything I believe in,” a voice behind them growled.

Alex and Baxter stood, eager to beat the shit out of their favorite punching bag. The two boys looked around to spot him, but couldn’t see anyone.

“Where are you kitty? Come on out. I promise not to hurt you,” Alex said, making kissing noises.

“Yeah! Here kitty, kitty,” Baxter taunted.

“Still as dumb as ever I see. How in the fresh hell did you two even graduate? No wait, let me guess! Mommy and Daddy bribed the principal? Lord knows you didn’t get into college on your own,” Fox questioned with his own taunts.

“Hey! We earned those scholarships!” Alex exclaimed.

“If that helps you sleep at night, but you and I both know that that’s bullshit as well. Football will only get you so far and you suck at the game!”

“You little pussy! Get out here and take your beating!” Alex yelled.

“Fine. Fair warning, though, I’ll be the one doing the beating,” Fox said.

“Sure you will,” Baxter scoffed.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Fox said.

The two looked around until they spotted Fox lounging underneath a shady tree, humming to himself as he doodled. Fox looked up at the boys and smiled.

“Howdy fellas! Just let me clean up my mess here and I’ll beat you in a moment,” Fox said as he put away his things.

“Get up asshole! I’ll teach you to degrade me!” Alex screamed, face red with rage.

Fox whistled and taunted, “Look at you pulling out big kid words.”

Fox stood up and brushed himself off. He stepped out of the shadows, revealing his ashen skin and black veins. He looked dead to the other two boys, and they stumbled away from him.

“What the fuck?” Alex screamed.

“Stay back demon!” Baxter screamed and took a step back.

“Demon? That hurts. Really, guys,” Fox said with a pout.

"Am I not considered a demon?” Cyanide questioned.

“Hmm. Good question, bud. I’ll have to address that...right now. No. We are not. A monster, yes. A demon, no.”

"What’s the difference?” Cyanide asked.

“A demon is from Hell. Monsters not so much. Most of them are human,” Fox explained.

“We’re not monsters and who the fuck are you talking to!?” Alex demanded.

“To Cyanide. Allow me to introduce you,” Fox said with a smirk that could shame the devil himself.

Fox used a trick he’d learned earlier that day to change faster. He allowed the ink pool around him and he quickly sunk into it. Just as quickly as he vanished, he reappeared as Cyanide. The creature was on all fours but stood up on its hind legs looking down at the two humans.

Cyanide snarled and sneered at them as he noticed wet spots growing on their pants. Alex and Baxter were ghost white and trembled with fear. Cyanide stepped forward, and the two ran for their lives. Cyanide sat on the ground with a growl, hearing Fox roar with laughter.

“Satisfied?” Cyanide asked.

"Very much so! Did you see them? They wet their pants!” Fox laughed.

Cyanide shook his head.

"Oh, come on. You know you enjoyed it,” Fox said gleefully.

“All right. Yes, I enjoyed it a little. Why not kill them? As you said to Samantha they’ll only come back to harm you,” Cyanide asked curiously.

"Nah. I think we scared them straight. They won’t cause any more trouble.”

“We should’ve been using this time to find your father,” Cyanide growled.

"He’ll come to us. Be patient.”

Cyanide went to say something when it was cut off by a loud BANG! The creature looked through the smoke and saw an explosive had gone off. It snarled. Maddox had to have been following them or known where they were going, and placed the device in between the trees to the left of them.

"Dammit! He found us! I know that explosive was from him!” Fox swore. Sure, he wanted his father to come to them but not like this.

“Was this a trap?” Cyanide asked with a growl.

"I don’t think so. Alex and Baxter come here all the time. He must’ve followed us,” Fox said. “Either that or he somehow knew we were coming here and planted these devices.”

BANG! Another hidden explosive went off forcing Cyanide closer to the cliff.

"Shit! He’s trying to force us over!” Fox exclaimed.

“So let’s go over!” Cyanide barked.

"Problem! There’s water at the bottom! Ink and water don’t exactly go hand and hand, we need to switch back!” Fox shouted.

“You’ll be hurt!” Cyanide snarled.

BANG! The creature is forced even closer to the edge. Fox took over and returned to normal with Cyanide growling at him. Another explosive went off, this time causing the edge of the cliff where Fox was standing to collapse entirely, sending him over.

Fox hit the water and swam to the surface. Once he broke through the water, he swam to shore and stumbled onto the beach. He looked up to a shadow dart away and heard the squeal of tires.

"Are you hurt?” Cyanide asked.

“A little shaken and maybe bruised in some places but overall, I’m fine,” Fox gasped out in between coughs.

"What were you thinking?! You could’ve been hurt badly!”

“Ink and water don’t mix. Look, we don’t have time for a science lesson right now. We need to get up there and find that son-of-a-bitch. I have a feeling he knows we survived,” Fox said after catching his breath.

"Do we go home first?” Cyanide asked.

“Yeah. I need to grab my bag, that and some dry boxers would be nice,” Fox said shaking off out of instinct then shivered.

Fox climbed back up the cliff, grabbed his bag, and hopped in his car. He headed home, constantly looking in the rearview mirror to see if anyone was trailing behind him. So far, no one. Which was a good thing. Fox would hate to ruin his precious baby.

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