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Episode 17

Episode 17

Fox arrived home and quickly changed into some dry clothes. He originally planned to shower but remembered he was on a mission.

“No point in showering right now. There’s going to be a bloodbath,” he muttered to himself.

"Talking to yourself again? People will wonder if you’re insane,” Cyanide snarked.

“Nah. Talking to yourself is a sign of a healthy brain,” Fox said as a matter-of-factly.

"If you say so,” Cyanide rumbled.

“I do say so. Now I say, it’s go time! Well, not at this get it,” Fox stammered.

Cyanide snorted and asked, ”Plan? Weapons?”

“Improvise and avoid water. No weapons. I mean, we’re no MacGyver but we don’t need weapons,” Fox said with a shrug.

"Going in blind, again. Look how well that went last time,” Cyanide growled.

“Hey, hey, hey. We took out one of the problems. Now it’s time to take out the other. Stop your worrying, bud. We’ll be just fine,” Fox said nonchalantly.

Cyanide huffed a growl. The creature prayed its creator was right. While it had faith in him, the creature couldn’t shake the feeling in its bones that something would happen. Whether it was good or bad, however, remained to be seen.

"What now?” Cyanide pondered.

“We leave at sunset and attack when it’s dark. We’ll use the ink to blend into the night,” Fox said.

Cyanide made a noise of agreement and faded into the background to rest up. While Fox was all right, he was slightly injured from the fall and needed a little time to rest. He was tired from the incident earlier, the adrenaline it caused having worn off. Deciding a nap was in order; he climbed onto the bed and fell into a light but restful doze. He trusted Cyanide would wake him when the time came to get going.

Elsewhere-Unknown Location

Maddox was sitting in front of the workbench as he cleaned his guns and sharpened his blades. He probably didn’t need to do all of this, but he wasn’t going to risk anything. He remembered sneaking out of the warehouse and watching an unarmed Samantha get her spine violently yanked out of her back. He wasn’t taking any chances. He even had traps set up in the forest behind him and on the lake beach in front of him.

Maddox placed the gun he was putting back together down and leaned back in his chair. He sighed and scrubbed a hand down his face.

‘I really wish it hadn’t come to this, son, but death is your only release from the poison that taints you now. It’s for the best. It was for your mother. I know she’s in Heaven free of it. You will be too. Very soon. I failed to protect you but I can still save you,’ Maddox thought sadly.

Maddox picked the gun back up, put it together, and then loaded it. When that gun was assembled, he moved onto the next one. As he grabbed the next gun he saw the picture of his late girlfriend on the table with his tool kit. Maddox picked it up and looked at the girl in the photo, then sighed. He had kept it after all this time and carried it with him. He truly loved her once upon a time.

“I’ll be sending Fox to you soon. You won’t have to be alone up there anymore and you’ll be free and happy. I’m only doing this because I loved you. Truly. I planned on asking you to marry me when the time was right. Fox was still a baby at the time. Then I found out who you really were and I had to save you. You ran from me and managed to hide until that night. I didn’t want Fox to live the life he has, but I had no choice. You left me with no choice,” Maddox said looking heavenward to his girlfriend.

Maddox took a deep breath. He was getting too worked up. He needed to be calm when his son came to try and kill him.

“Now I have no choice but to kill our only son and send him to you. I really don’t want to...but orders are orders. It doesn’t matter who you are or who your target is. When the boss gives you an order, you do it,” Maddox said with a nod.

Maddox went back to cleaning his guns and loading them once they were done. Waiting was a pain in the ass. To him it was like being at the DMV. He just hoped he would show tonight.

Tonight was a good night to die.

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