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Episode 18

Episode 19

Fox woke to Cyanide sharply barking in his ear. He groaned and rolled over. He cried out and fell out of bed when Cyanide roared in his ear.

Fox groaned then yawned groggily. “Damn, buddy. That was some wake-up call.”

"You were deeply asleep,” Cyanide growled.

“Eck. That would explain the drool,” Fox said, wiping his mouth.

Fox got up and stretched. He headed into the master bathroom, used the facilities, and then splashed cold water on his face to finish waking up. He went into the office and booted up the laptop to check something.

He smiled to himself.

"What’s got you so happy?” Cyanide asked.

“My comic about you is a hit! People really like it!”

"Is now really the time?” Cyanide asked.

“Good a time as any. We have no clue how this is going to go down, so why not? Look. People are asking for more. This is amazing!”

"We need to get going. Look outside,” Cyanide rumbled.

Fox glanced outside and saw the sunset. “Hold on. Let me do something real quick.”

Fox grabbed his comic pad and scanned the next pages in the story then quickly uploaded them. He decided to put them up for sale. It made him happy people were interested in Cyanide’s story.

“All right. All good now. I’m ready to go.”

"Are we taking your car or are we switching and running?” Cyanide asked, hopeful that they would run.

“Hell no! We are not taking my car! My baby will not be subjected to a bloodbath. We’re switching and running. Besides, I have no idea where my father even is at this point, so we’ll have to smell him out,” Fox said.

Cyanide hummed in an answer. The creature had stated once before that the two had familiar blood so finding him shouldn’t be too hard for him. He had given the creature the sense of smell despite the fact it’s mostly a living skeleton, just in case its sight was ever cut off or it needed to find someone quickly. Its sense of smell was pretty amazing. Fox looked in the mirror and saw he was already ashen. He nodded to himself and headed downstairs and then outside to the beach. He allowed the ink to pool around his feet and then allowed Cyanide to take over.

“Are you ready?” Cyanide asked.

"As I’ll ever be,” Fox said with a hint of nervousness.

“Not having second thoughts, are you?”

"Not even in the slightest. Like I said once before, he’ll keep coming back until we’re six feet under. Completely and utterly dead. Hell, I bet he would try to separate us painfully first then kill us both. Although to kill you I have to die as well.”

“Does he know that?”

"My mother’s dead, isn’t she?”

Cyanide said nothing in reply, but knew the boy was right. The creature his mother was tethered to died along with her that night. If Fox died, so would Cyanide. The creature would only be a comic book created by a lonely boy who once thought it was all just some dream he hoped to outgrow as he got older.

“Then let’s avoid death. Shall we?” Cyanide asked with sarcasm.

"You say that like it’s easy,” Fox snarked back.

“All right, enough. We need to get going. Yes, I can see in the dark and use my oversight to see heat signatures in pitch blackness, but I’d rather get there while there’s still light.”

"Then let’s go. You know what his blood smells like! His blood isn’t mostly ink. So let’s go!”

Cyanide snorted but got to work. Once he had the scent he took off in the direction the smell was coming from. Cyanide reached the edge of the forest and was ready to go in to further search the area.

"Wait! If my father is in these woods then we need to be really careful. There could be traps anywhere and everywhere,” Fox warned.

“Got it,” Cyanide said.

Cyanide entered carefully and kept a close eye out. The sun set as the creature ventured further and further into the woods. It jumped back when a metal jaw like thing jumped up and almost bit them.

"Bear trap. Clever, Dad. Very clever. That thing would have snapped our leg off,” Fox said.

“We need to get off the ground,” Cyanide said.

"The trees should hold us. We’ll bounce from them until we get to my father,” Fox said.

Cyanide nodded and jumped onto the thickest branch and hopped from tree to tree. Now they could avoid the traps. The creature made it to a shed by the dock on the lake. The shed was small and light shone from the small window.

"He’s there,” Fox alerted.

“He is. Are you sure you’re ready?” Cyanide asked.

"I’m not backing out now,” Fox said with determination.

“Good. We aren’t leaving.”

"Switch back,” Fox said.

“Why?” Cyanide demanded.

"This fool and I need to have a chat first,” Fox said.

“You can chat in this form. We need to be prepared,” Cyanide reminded him.

"Fine,” Fox snapped.

The creature didn’t revert back to human but the two switched minds. Fox was now Cyanide. It hopped down from the tree but stuck to the darkness the night provided. It looked at the tiny structure and howled.

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