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Episode 19

Episode 19

At the dock shed, Maddox prepared himself for a fight which he didn’t doubt Fox would put up. Maddox looked at his phone and saw it was now nine. He stood up and stretched. He half expected Fox to be here by now. Hell, he expected him hours ago.

“Wonder if he backed down. If he did, I’ll have to go back to that house and get him,” Maddox muttered to himself.

He jumped when a howl rang out, and looked out the window. It was too dark to see anything so he grabbed his phone and activated the flashlight app, shining it outside. He still couldn’t see anything. He swore and went outside with a handgun drawn.

Maddox prayed it was only a normal wolf or even a coyote, then remembered there were none native to Hawaii. There weren’t even foxes. He took in a deep breath to settle his nerves, but it did little to soothe his jumpiness. It was only his son for Heaven’s sake.

“Fox? Is that you?” Maddox asked.

“Hello Maddox,” Fox growled.

“Dad to you,” Maddox said.

“No. You’re no father of mine.”

“I made you!” Maddox said.

“You’re only the donor. Not a father. A father doesn’t do what you did,” Fox snarled.

“I had no choice! I had to save her and you! I failed in protecting her but I can still save you. Death is your only release. Plus, if I don’t do it, someone worse will come and do it for me.”

“Is that so? But which is it? Death is my only release or you have your orders?”

“It’s both. I was ordered to kill your mother by the organization I work with. I didn’t want to kill her, but it opened my eyes to the monster she was becoming, and I had to put her down before she poisoned or killed you. Samantha said it best though. Those in the syndicate can’t have children. If they do, they are to be put to death along with the child. Your mother destroyed them one by one. She then continued on. That fortune she has, it’s blood money. Son, please let me save you. Let me take you back to the mainland. My people can help you,” Maddox pleaded. “I don’t want to kill you.”

“What a tragic tale. I give you points for the acting, though you need to work on it. It’s really lacking.” Fox yawned. “That and you’re too conflicted. One minute you want to kill me, and the next you want to save me. Which is it?”

“Be serious,” Maddox demanded.

“I am,” Fox deadpanned.

“Fine. You got me. I was quite pleased to kill that bitch. I was going to kill you too that night, but sadly I was too injured. Your mother nearly killed me. After I recovered I was ordered to wait until you were older to kill you. They don’t see children as threats. Then the order changed. My boss wanted to see if you would follow in your mother’s footsteps. Here you are,” Maddox growled.

“I make my own path,” Fox said boldly.

“Last chance, son. Come with me or die.”

Maddox heard laughing and then silence.

“How clichéd can you get? Come with me or die? That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard. But I will give you that. After all, it’s our first meeting in what...eleven years? Yeah. I’ll cut you some slack, although it’s not me who’s going to die. Oh no,” Fox/Cyanide said with a laugh.

It went silent again for a few moments and Maddox felt the cold, harsh wind on his back.

“You’ll be the one to die,” Fox/Cyanide whispered.

Maddox turned and fired his gun. He heard a thunking sound but knew he only hit a tree.

“Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta kiss me! Wait...ewwwwww…” Fox taunted.

“Face me you coward!” Maddox snarled.

“What fun would that be?”

“Fox-” Maddox began.

“How can you even fight?” Fox/Cyanide asked. “It’s pitch black out here. I have the advantage. Without the light, you can’t even see in front of your face.”

Maddox swore under his breath. The vile creature was right. Without the lantern glowing in the window, he couldn’t see what was directly in front of him. Worse yet, he couldn’t see that far as the lantern wasn’t strong enough to illuminate much except the small shed he had been waiting in. He spotted his jeep and ran for it.

Fox inwardly swore and lunged for his father. He managed to knock his father away and watched as he rolled to a stop.

Maddox rolled over and fired a shot at the feet of the beast, watching it dance back away from the bullets.

Maddox darted into the woods with the beast tailing him. Maddox ran past a C-4 trap and activated it. The explosion sent Cyanide flying. He sprinted for the jeep and got in.

When it started he bolted, leaving his weapons and the creature behind.

“You want some fun? How about a little game of tag?” Maddox yelled back to Fox.

Luckily for Fox, Cyanide took over for a brief moment before the C-4 exploded and used the ink to protect them, but the creature was dazed. It came to an abrupt stop against a boulder. Cyanide heard the jeep turn on and then speed away.

"Fox?! Are you all right?” Cyanide asked concerned.

“I’m fine, bud. How about you?”

"I am all right. Your father got away,” Cyanide growled.

“Yeah, I noticed. I heard he wants to play tag? I’m game. Cyanide, you’ll have to take over since you know what his blood smells like,” Fox said.

Cyanide and Fox quickly switched, then took off into the woods. The creature used the trees like before, until it got to the edge of the forest. When its skeletal claws hit the ground it took off like Hell was on its tail. It stuck to the shadows as it tracked the man down.

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