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Episode 2

Episode 2

Lunch, a time where Fox could just relax and continue to doodle to his little heart’s content, or until the bell rang. He had a spot underneath a giant palm tree. The shade was nice, plus the breeze was a bonus.

Fox scratched his head as he was trying to figure out this page. It had been giving him trouble and he wasn’t sure where to go with it. Cyanide had escaped the Poison Lei and was now in hiding, but that’s where he seemed to be stuck. What should Cyanide do next? Something at that point in the story was rubbing him the wrong way. He stared at the rough sketch in his lap. Cyanide was lying in a cave, which was bad for him, but he was recovering from his escape.

Fox’s own little brand of Spidey Sense went off when he heard the crunch of grass beneath the person’s feet as they approached. They stopped right in front of him and he looked up. There before him was a bleach blonde vixen.

“Sorry mate, but you mind if I chill for a spell next to ya? It’s pretty packed inside the mess hall and it’s a lovely day,” she said with a bright smile.

Fox fought the urge to sigh and nodded. The girl smiled bigger and sat next to him as she fished her lunch bag out of her cupcake-themed knapsack. She took out a doughnut-themed lunch bag and opened it, and then pulled out a sandwich, unwrapped it and took a huge bite. The blonde turned to Fox and held out her sandwich to him.

“Ya f’a’cy o’bi?” she mumbled around the bite she had in her mouth.

“No, but thank you,” Fox said politely.

She shrugged and finished off her sandwich in three bites.

“Ah. Chipped chopped ham and cheese. My fave.” The girl moaned in pleasure. She let out a burp that would make a sailor blush. She blushed herself and looked at a surprised Fox and smiled sheepishly, “Sorry mate. I was starving.”

Fox shook his head and dismissed it. “So, where are you from? You’re not from around here that’s for sure.”

“Got it one, mate. I come from the land down under,” she sang the last part.

Fox pretended to drum on beer bottles while humming, making the blonde laugh. After the two shared a giggle, Fox asked his next question.

“Which part are you from?”

“Good Ol’ Sydney! Moved here after my parents divorced. What about you, mate? Are you from here? You don’t seem like it.”

“I was born here but my parents are from the mainland,” he said. “I’m Fox, by the way. Fox Kane.”

“Nice to meet you, Fox. I’m Samantha Gray, though if you would lift your head from your drawing pad once in a while, you would know that,” Samantha said with a giggle.

Fox looked at her, confused. Samantha laughed.

“We’re in a bunch of classes together you knucklehead. You’re either busy sleeping or doodling,” she said, still laughing a bit.

Fox snorted then said, with loving snark, “I’m a lone wolf and my doodling is practice. Practice makes perfect.”

Samantha laughed again and shook her head. “You’re a funny one. Well, Mr. Artist, we have Calculus next. Care to escort a lovely lady to class?”

Fox rolled his eyes playfully and got up from the ground. He dusted himself off, packed up his stuff as Samantha did the same, and escorted her to their next class.

The day passed relatively slow, but then again, to Fox, Thursdays were slow days. The final bell rang, and Fox headed for home. He took the long way as he was in no rush.

Fox walked down the street of a neighborhood that most people tended to avoid, and for good reasons. He smiled, hearing the sound of chickens, and walked up to a gate. He looked down and saw baby chicks exploring the yard. He then looked up to see his elderly neighbor.

“Aloha Fox, how was school today?” she asked

“Aloha Doris. Same old same old,” Fox said with a shrug.

“Are those hooligans bothering you?”

“Sadly, yeah. Most teachers don’t do anything as that would mean punishing their golden football stars,” Fox scoffed.

“Well, if that ain’t a crock of shit then I must be old,” Doris said with a scowl.

Fox laughed, “I don’t know, Doris, those grey hairs tell me otherwise.”

Fox ducked then watched as the chickens fought over the corn and chicken feed that Doris tried to throw at him. He laughed, but lost his smile as he looked back at the house behind him. He sighed.

“I better get inside,” Fox said softly, with a hint of fear. “I have some homework and I want to start on my latest comic page.”

Doris looked at the boy with a saddened gaze. She wished there was something she could do for him, but there really wasn’t anything. The foster care system was so broken, a lot of children would remain where they are due to lack of evidence or end up somewhere worse.

“Go on, then. No need to make that man mad,” she said softly.

Fox nodded then shuddered. This was one foster parent that honestly scared him.

“Yeah. Aloha Doris,” Fox said.

“Aloha dear,” she said back.

Fox gulped, turned and walked over to the dreaded place. He entered the house across the street from Doris then bolted up the stairs. Making it to the hallway, he flinched as an angry voice boomed.

“Fox! Where you at boy?”

Fox didn’t hesitate and took off down the hall to the room at the far left end. He ran in and slammed the door shut. He pushed his dresser in front of the door, barricading it. He jumped when his foster father pounded on the door.

“Fox! You open this door boy!”


The more he pounded, the closer Fox got to hyperventilating.

“Please leave, please leave, please leave!” Fox whispered to himself.


Mike pounded and screamed for several more minutes before leaving. Silence filled the air until Fox heard the sound of a truck belonging to the man turn over and roar as he left. Fox shook as he got up and collapsed on his bed. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his racing heart.

He looked over at his door and decided to leave it alone for now. He felt safer with the barricade and laid back down to fall into a restless sleep.

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