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Episode 21

Episode 21

The silence of the beach had been broken by Fox as he laughed.

"Fox-” Cyanide began.

“You got me doing a monologue like a B rated villain!” Fox laughed like a madman. “You dickless wonder, you.”

Fox laughed for a few more moments before staring at his father, emotionless. Heat lightning lit the sky just enough for Maddox to see the hollow eye sockets and white pinprick dots staring into his soul. He visibly shuddered.

Fox noticed and smirked. Heat lightning revealed his face, showing Fox’s fangs.

“Scared?” Fox asked.

“No,” Maddox lied. He was terrified.

“You should’ve brought your brown pants,” Fox growled.

“Your mother didn’t scare me and neither do you,” Maddox said.

“Liar liar, pants on fire,” Fox sang.

Maddox began walking toward Cyanide, surprising it. Maddox heard Fox snarl a warning. Maddox and Fox looked up when it began to rain and lightning really lit up the night.

“Really!? Why is it always raining at the most dramatic part of the freaking movie!?” Fox shouted.

Fox snarled again and reverted to normal before the rain could take away the little ink he and Cyanide got back.

Maddox made his move and tackled Fox to the ground. The two rolled around until Fox kicked Maddox off of him. Fox flipped back up and took a fighting stance.

"Fox, let me take back over,” Cyanide said.

“I got this. Besides, it’s raining. We can’t risk it,” Fox said.

Cyanide knew Fox was right, but still, he needed to help! Fox was getting exhausted.

"Fox-” Cyanide began.

“I got this, bud. I can take him,” Fox said.

Just after saying that, Maddox came at him blindly swinging a knife. After being Cyanide a few times, Fox was now able to see in the dark.

“Smart move, you chocolate dipped screw head,” he growled.

“The lightning helps. I hope it keeps storming,” Maddox growled back.

“Fucking poetic rain. I hope it stops,” Fox snarled with an eye roll.

He dodged a swing, the knife just barely missing his nose. Fox reached out and grabbed his father’s wrist, then slammed a fist into the man’s face.

Maddox stumbled but didn’t go down until another fist slammed into his eye. Maddox managed to slash Fox on his calf. Fox yelped in pain and jumped back. Maddox got back up and began to beat Fox.

As he was being beaten, Fox was reminded of Mike and the other abusive homes he had lived in. With Cyanide barking at him and the flashes of abuse whizzing around in his head, he turned the tables and started beating Maddox, a man twice his size, to a bloody mass on the beach. He stopped when his father was unrecognizable.

“Suck it,” Fox spat.

"Are you okay, Fox?” Cyanide asked, wishing Fox would switch with it.

“I’m good, bud. Gonna be sore tomorrow, but I’m good,” Fox fibbed. He was hurting and exhausted.

"Let us finish our mission,” Cyanide said.

“Yeah. Let’s send the old man to his maker and go home,” Fox agreed.

Before Fox could transform his arm just for a few moments, he felt a white-hot pain in his stomach. Fox howled and let Cyanide take over for a brief moment. A skeletal claw formed quickly and stabbed the man in the chest. This time the claw yanked out the heart and tossed it into the ocean. As fast as the claw came, it vanished. Fox panted like he had just run a marathon and the pain was right up there with the pain he experienced when he was shot.

"Fox! Let me take over, right now!” Cyanide exclaimed with urgency.

“What d-dealing more d-damage? We also got an ink p-p-problem right now…” Fox groaned.

"Forget that now! We’re closer to the hospital this time and how would you explain this to the police!?” Cyanide barked with a snarl.

“Point right...g-go…” Fox panted out in pain.

Cyanide took over and transformed with Fox’s screams of agony breaking the silence of the beach. When Cyanide was fully transformed he took off running along the darkened beach.

Cyanide felt Fox fading and it prompted him to run faster. When it got close enough to where the hospital was, the creature took to the rooftops. Cyanide was heading to the hospital that took care of Fox before.

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