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Episode 22

Episode 22

Cyanide made it to the Beachfront Memorial Hospital and hopped across three rooftops and landed on the hospital roof. Cyanide stuck to the shadows so as to not freak out the patients as it climbed down to the ER entrance. It howled loudly to alert anyone in the ER. It quickly reverted back to Fox and the boy crawled slowly into the light before passing out.

A doctor came running out with a medical bag and a security guard and spotted the bleeding young man on the ground. The female doctor rushed up to him and gasped.

“Fox Kane? Oh god, what has happened to you this time?” Katrina gasped.

She jumped into action and began to stabilize the young man. She turned to the guard that came out with her. “Quick, get me a gurney and grab a nurse!”

“On it!”

The guard rushed inside and came back with a nurse and gurney. The nurse got right to work in helping the doctor to get the young man stable.

“Go inside and book an OR, stat. He needs surgery and fast.” Katrina said.

“Right away doctor!” the nurse responded.

“Help me get him on the gurney.” Katrina said to the guard.

He nodded and helped lift Fox onto the gurney and then wheeled him inside. The nurse the doctor sent in came rushing up to them.

“OR 5. Dr. Jensen is waiting to help,” the young nurse said.

“Great, I’m going to need help,” Katrina said.

The nurse and doctor rushed Fox to the OR where the other doctor was waiting. She scrubbed up as the young nurse and an older one with a medical assistant cleaned and prepped the bleeding Fox.

Fox was wheeled into the room and placed on the table. He now sported IVs, a blood bag, a ventilator, and was hooked to all the proper machines. Doctor Jensen entered the OR with Katrina surveying the patient.

“What do we have?” Jensen asked.

“A stab wound to the abdomen, multiple contusions, and a slash on his right calf.” Katrina listed off. “In short, this boy was beaten and then stabbed.”

“All right, people let’s open him up and see the damage underneath.” Jensen barked. “If a nurse could kindly stitch up his calf that would be fantastic.”

A nurse volunteered and got to work leaving the doctors to do their jobs.

“What is this? His blood is black and thick.” Jensen said curiously.

“Let’s concentrate on saving the boy first and then you can play scientist,” Katrina barked, needing him to focus on what’s important right now.

“Right. Well, it seems the knife missed everything and anything vital, which is a good thing,” Jensen said.

“Where’s all this blood coming from then?” Katrina asked.

“Not sure.”

“BP’s dropping!” the anesthesiologist called.

“Shit!” Both doctors swore.

“Find out where that bleeding is coming from! Someone get another blood bag! Let’s get this young man stable!” Katrina barked loudly.

The OR was in a fever pitch trying to save Fox. Machines continued to blare their warning until they stopped and the room stood still.

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