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Bonus Scene

Bonus scene

In an unknown location, the room was dimmed with only candles as the source of illumination. A hooded figure walked along the rows of candles. The figure kneeled before a throne.

“Mistress,” she greeted.

“My child,” the woman on the throne said.

“Lady Katrina Alaverez has arrived,” the hooded woman relayed.

“Thank you, my child. You are dismissed,” the woman on the throne said with a wave.

The girl stood and bowed. She turned and left as Katrina entered the room wearing the same outfit as the girl: the traditional outfit was a silk black skirt with a slit on both sides revealing both legs up to the hip, the top was a black sports-bra like garment showing off the stomach, with a large hooded cloak to finish the look. Katrina kneeled as the girl did before.

“Mistress Doris.”

“Katrina. It’s wonderful to have you back,” Doris said with a smile.

“It is an honor, my Mistress. I’ve missed my home,” Katrina returned the smile.

“As we have missed you,” Doris said. “You may stand.”

Katrina stood.

“Is it definite, then? Fox is the creature?” Doris asked hopefully.

“Yes, Mistress,” Katrina confirmed.

“We must prepare then. The son will return home, at last. Keep your eye on him, Katrina,” Doris commanded.

“Yes, Mistress.”

The candles blew out, plunging the room into darkness.

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